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FAQ SecureSign


Anchor: introduction



  • What is SecureSign?

  • When is SecureSign needed?

  • How do I register for SecureSign?

  • Is SecureSign free?

  • What are the advantages of SecureSign?

  • How can I use several devices to log in with my contract?

  • How do I set up SecureSign on two mobile devices (smartphone/tablet)?

Anchor: conditions



  • What smartphones and tablets support the SecureSign method?

  • I do not own a smartphone. Can I still use SecureSign?

  • Can I use SecureSign on my smartphone or tablet if it has been altered via "jailbreaking" or "rooting"?

  • Is SecureSign available only in Swiss stores?

  • Can SecureSign also be used without internet access?

  • How can I determine the device ID of a device?

  • How long is my SecureSign image valid?

  • I have lost my SecureSign letter; what should I do?

  • My yellow SecureSign image will not scan. What do I need to do?

Anchor: usage



  • Why should I provide my mobile phone number as security information?

  • I have a new smartphone or tablet. Can I continue to use SecureSign after I have restored the device from a backup?

  • I reset my smartphone or tablet. Why is SecureSign not working?

  • What does "transaction signing" mean?

  • I have submitted a payment order, but I was not required to confirm it with SecureSign. Why?

  • I accidentally deleted the SecureSign app from my smartphone or tablet. What do I need to do?

  • The only device on which SecureSign has been installed is no longer available. How can I set up an additional device now?

  • I have lost my smartphone/tablet that I use for SecureSign. What do I need to do?

Anchor: security



  • Is personal information stored in the SecureSign app?

  • What does the SecureSign app need authorizations for?

  • Is it secure to use the Credit Suisse Direct app and the SecureSign app on the same smartphone or tablet?

  • Why is it possible to store login data in the Credit Suisse Direct app?