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Focus on entrepreneurs

Focus on entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs need vision, innovative spirit and perseverance. As well as a reliable financial partner.

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Credit Suisse House View
Credit Suisse House View

Putting the global sell-off into perspective

A combination of factors has led to a sharp correction in equities in recent days. Putting the sell-off into perspective, we explain why we should see a positive environment for risk assets going forward.

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Credit Suisse Bulletin

The new Bulletin "Jobs of the Future" is now available!

This edition focuses on some of the most important questions of our time: What will work look like in the future? Are we going to run out of work? Includes the Credit Suisse Youth Barometer 2018.

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Credit Suisse Roger Federer
Roger Federer

"It's a mindset to stay physically fit."

Being a world-class tennis player also means being in top shape. For Roger Federer, physical fitness is a high priority, and nowadays he is able to put quality over quantity when he is training – unlike when he was younger.

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