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How Will Digitalization Influence Fashion and the Way We Shop?

Until recently, the fashion industry has been all about looking good – with feeling good as a psychological by-product of successfully projecting a particular image. But with the advent of smart garments and fabrics, "feeling good" takes on a new dimension: into the field of physical health and wellness. The fashion industry has been slow off the mark to integrate technology, but we are now just beginning to see what may prove to be the ultimate union of both form and function.

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Gottardo 2016

What Makes Switzerland Tick?

The Swiss have become more relaxed in the last few decades: obsessive punctuality is a thing of the past. In a business environment, however, punctuality means much more than simply arriving on time.

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Airport Anyone? Investing In Infrastructure

Although the public sector remains the main source of infrastructure funding, the market value of infrastructure assets grew by 300 percent over the years 2007-2014. Can private funding be the answer to the growing infrastructure financing gap?

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Climate Protection

Our operations worldwide have been greenhouse gas neutral since 2010

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