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Our Accounts and Cards

Our Accounts and Cards

Our accounts and cards have one main job, making your daily routine easier. That’s why we always have the right account and card for you, regardless of your current life situation.



CSX – the all-in-one banking service for every day

It's personal when you need it to be and digital when you want it to be.

  • Account & card starting from CHF 0
  • Credit cards with attractive benefits, such as cashback
  • Open an account in just a few minutes – without having to make a video call
  • Client service available online, by phone, or in person

Opt for the most flexible banking service in Switzerland now.

Open a CSX account
Viva Kids Banking Package

Viva Kids

Banking for Children

Viva Kids is the free banking package from Credit Suisse guiding children under age 12 in their first steps towards financial responsibility. With Viva Kids, you’ll receive the digital money box Digipigi, the Digipigi apps, a private account, and a savings account, as well as a Debit Mastercard (optional, starting at age 7).  With the Viva Kids savings account, your child earns 5% interest on the first CHF 1,000.

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Viva Banking Packages

CSX Young

Banking for everyone from 12 to 25 years of age

CSX Young is the free digital banking offering for everyone from 12 to 25 years of age. It has all the important banking services that you need every day – with everything in one single app. This includes an account and a Debit Mastercard, which you can use for free withdrawals at all ATMs in Switzerland. You can also take advantage of attractive streaming options and discounts on movie tickets.
Find out more about CSX Young
Credit Cards for Every Lifestyle

Credit Cards

American Express, MasterCard® or Visa Card

You can use our credit cards to make purchases conveniently and securely anywhere in the world and avoid the risk of loss associated with cash. The handy contactless function makes daily purchases even faster and more convenient. In addition, you’ll earn Bonviva Rewards Shop points each time you make a purchase using a Bonviva credit card.

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Account transfer service

We would be happy to help you transfer your banking services to Credit Suisse.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Transfer of your accounts, cards, and payment facilities
  • No need for correspondence with the other banks – you can leave it all to us
  • Free for all private clients of Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd. domiciled in Switzerland

Account transfer service

Allow Us to Advise You

Would you like more information about our accounts and cards? Then arrange a personal consultation or call our Customer Service Center.

Allow Us to Advise You

*For security reasons and training purposes, telephone calls may be recorded. Standard connection rates apply (Swisscom). Mobile phone and foreign rates as well as the charges of other providers may vary. 

Pay on the go. Quickly and securely

Use your smartphone or smartwatch to pay wherever the contactless function is available.

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Current account

Current account

The simplest solution for your payment transactions and your securities transactions in Swiss francs and foreign currencies.

Travel funds

Travel funds

Book your trip the right way with Credit Suisse. Protect yourself with insurance and get the right means of payment.

Debit cards

Debit cards

Paying with a Credit Suisse debit card is easy, fast, and flexible. You’ll receive the right card for each account.

Rental deposit

Rental deposit

Does your landlord require a rental deposit as security? Our Rental deposit savings account is particularly suitable for this purpose.