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Private Account

Our personal account is the basic account for receiving your salary and for your daily banking. Use standing orders and direct debits for regular payments. You manage your account in Online & Mobile Banking.

Anytime access with the Debit Mastercard

Free account opening

Manage account in Online & Mobile Banking

Debit Mastercard with contactless function

Our Private Account

Our Private Account


No age restriction

Debit Mastercard

Annual fee CHF 50/card
Replacement card CHF 20/card

Extracts of account

Provided monthly free of charge by mail or as e-documents in Online & Mobile Banking.

Use Online & Mobile Banking

Use Online & Mobile Banking

Imagine checking your account statements from home, paying a bill while on the go or looking at your safekeeping account from a train. It's never been easier or more secure with Online & Mobile Banking. You can do your banking wherever and whenever you want from a computer, smartphone or tablet. And the Credit Suisse platform offers a simple, user-friendly interface. Free of charge.

Online & Mobile Banking

Pay Easily. Achieve Your Savings Goals