Our sustainability mission

We are committed to contributing to a more sustainable global economy that focuses on long-term solutions
– for our clients, society, and the bank.

Sustainability report 2022

Find out more about what we are doing to advance sustainability in our business, measure progress, and report against our targets in our sustainability report. 


Lasting Values, the Credit Suisse Sustainability podcast

Lasting Values, the Credit Suisse Sustainability podcast

Episode 15: Climate tech in focus #3

When it comes to achieving climate goals, innovations in areas such as electricity production are crucial. But other sectors with significant emissions should not be overlooked. Agriculture, for example. Experts explain how cultivated meat, treeless wood and fertilizer replacement can help contribute to combatting climate change.

Sustainable finance for a better world

Progress requires sustainable finance. As a global bank, we play a key role in directing capital to finance the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We help individuals invest to make a positive impact and support entrepreneurs to find new solutions for big social and environmental problems.