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Independent Investing

Independent Investing

As an experienced investor, you know your investment strategy and how to implement it.

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Find the Right Investment Product

We give you the choice of a broad range of securities, all selected based on objective criteria. Every asset class has advantages and disadvantages. Discover the investment options that suit your personal needs, preferences and goals.

Mutual Funds

Do you want your investments to be broadly diversified with maximum impact? Then we recommend funds. You can pursue market opportunities with a relatively small investment.

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When you buy shares, you are investing directly in companies. They benefit you in two ways: dividends and capital gains. Due to their volatility, they are particularly suited for long-term investments.

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We recommend bonds if what you want is regular, stable interest income. They represent a more defensive asset class and help diversify your portfolio.

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Structured products

Structured products are more flexible than conventional assets. They let you act on your market views and bank on scenarios that you expect to occur.

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The Choice Is Yours

Investing your own assets and maximizing your returns takes time. That’s because market knowledge is the key to market success. With our Credit Suisse Invest investment solutions, we offer you individual investment advice at attractive conditions. Talk to your personal advisor for informed, effective assistance.

Invest independently

  • You know your investment objectives and decide for yourself which securities to invest in
  • You will benefit from our large catalog of investments, all chosen based on objective criteria

Invest with advice

  • Your personal investment advisor supports you in defining your investment strategy
  • You receive strategic investment ideas and detailed reports on the performance of your investments
  • You choose between different levels of portfolio monitoring

Your Needs. Our Solution

Our services are geared to your needs. Choose the service that you want for your investments. Let us handle the details.