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Saving. For Young People and Children

Saving. For Young People and Children

You want to save up money for your child, godchild or another young person you care about. With a Gift savings account or a Gift investment fund savings plan, you can help them build the capital they need for a carefree future.

Saving for Young People and Children

Save for a child

With our Gift savings account, you can give a child a small slice of a better future. In addition, the Gift investment fund savings plan is perfect for parents, godparents and grandparents who wish to start a securities-based savings scheme early on behalf of a child.

Help children save

With Viva Kids, the free banking package for children under 12, you can help your child learn how to responsibly manage cash and digital money – the first steps toward financial responsibility.

More than Saving. Viva Kids Banking

More than Saving. Viva Kids Banking

Many children receive a regular allowance and learn to manage money early on. The sooner they learn how to manage an account on their own, the easier it will be for them to do their own banking in later years. Our free Viva Kids banking package is a fun, easy introduction to the world of finance for children.

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