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Financial Planning for Retirement

Financial Planning for Retirement

Good retirement financial planning starts on your first day of work. After all, the sooner you start saving, the more carefree your retirement will be. We can help with financial planning based on your needs – whether you’re at the start, middle or end of your career.


  • Afford lifestyle in retirement

  • Optimize tax

  • Estate planning

  • Make advancements and gifts

  • Buy real estate

  • Renovate real estate

  • Pay off a mortgage

  • Sell real estate

  • Replacement home purchase

  • Change residences

  • Plan/finance early retirement

  • Plan drawing of pension assets

  • Finance lifestyle in retirement

  • Rules for a loss of judgment


Enjoy Your Wealth

You’ve built up savings in the course of your career. Now you want to pursue a few of your dreams. We’ll show you how to use your wealth to make things happen. That way, you can enjoy the retirement you’ve always wanted. Trust our expertise.

Save on Taxes

Some issues related to retirement have tax implications. The sooner you start your analysis, the easier it will be to use the findings to optimize your tax situation.


Retirement planning

It pays to save for retirement. It can lower your taxes, too. Contributions to a Pillar 3a pension plan are fully tax deductible. Learn about your options and gain the full benefits of this tax break.

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Change of residence

Once you retire, you may want to move into a home that’s smaller, closer to your children or near where you grew up. Remember that taxes vary from one canton and country to the next. Ask us for advice.

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Even in retirement, some costs and financial obligations have big tax implications. Educate yourself in advance and seize every opportunity to optimize your taxable income. We’ll advise you on all this and more.

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Provide for Your Family

No one’s life can be planned from A to Z, and sometimes the unforeseen happens. Take precautions in case you can no longer provide for your family or partner as you would like. We'll help you ensure that your estate's disposition complies with legal requirements and reflects your wishes.

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Plan Your Estate

With an inheritance consultation, you can rest easy knowing your estate will be administered the way you want. Contact us to clear up unanswered questions.


Finance Your Own Home

It may make sense to buy property for retirement. If the purchase is financed, certain things will have to be considered. The financing should still be affordable after you retire. We'll advise you.

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Renovate or Modernize

Once you retire, you may want to modernize your home. Perhaps the room layout no longer meets your needs. Or perhaps you already want to make it accessible. If you require financing for your alterations, we’d be happy to advise you.

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Repay a Mortgage

It may make sense to pay off your mortgage more slowly so you have more liquid assets in retirement. Insufficient liquidity can force you to make financial concessions because you have too much money tied up in property and not enough in readily accessible assets. Contact us for a consultation.

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Sell Real Estate

You've lived in your home for many wonderful years. Now you want a change. We'll discuss what to consider when selling your property and what to do with the sales proceeds so that your new living situation reflects your hopes and expectations.

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Buy Replacement Property

If you want to sell your home – perhaps to move from a house to an apartment – we'll be at your side. Plan your replacement home purchase with us.


Early Retirement

After retirement, you’ll probably bring in less money than during active employment. That’s especially true if you took early retirement. To avoid pension gaps, you should be very deliberate about using capital from your private pension plan. We’ll show you how.

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Retirement Planning

The sooner you begin retirement financial planning, the easier it will be to enjoy old age and live out your days the way you want. We’ll advise you on saving for retirement, lowering taxes, drawing your pension and picking the best time to retire.

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Planning for Retirement

Drawing Your Pension

Monthly pension or one-time lump-sum withdrawal? We’ll explain what to consider when selecting the best way to draw your pension.

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Planning for Retirement

Your Issues

Our advice – as distinctive as your needs. We look forward to talking to you. Select a topic and arrange a consultation.

3 Steps to Your Financial Consultation

Start your financial plan with us today. We’ll help you make your dreams come true.


Select topic

Educate yourself about the issues that matter for your financial plan. Write down your questions, goals and expectations for the personal consultation.


Arrange an initial consultation

Go to your branch, call us or use our online form. Tell us what financial issues you want advice on.


Start financial consultation

We’ll arrange a one-on-one meeting with you. At this free initial meeting, we’ll analyze your questions and determine the next steps with you.

Other Life Stages

We can advise you at any stage in life – from career starters to established professionals to retirees.



You’re in the prime of life, with plenty of personal and professional accomplishments and a clear vision of your future.