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Interest Rates and Fees

Interest Rates and Fees

Learn about interest rates and account maintenance fees for our accounts and cards as individual products or in banking packages.

Overview of Bank Terms and Conditions

Here you can learn all about the bank terms and conditions for Credit Suisse products and services. Furthermore, you’ll find the most important information about our banking packages.

Overview of Conditions PDF (03/2024)

Account interest rates

Here you’ll find the interest rates for our bank accounts at a glance. 

Interest Rate Flyer (PDF)

Non-Discretionary Business

Find out about our fees for investments, like safekeeping accounts and securities transactions. For reasons of clarity, only the most important fees are given here. Your relationship manager will be pleased to supply current fees as well as details of services and fees not listed here.

Dormant assets

Whenever contact between a client and the bank breaks off, the assets deposited with the bank are considered dormant. The fees and costs that would usually be charged by the bank continue to apply in these cases. In addition, the cost for investigations, as well as the special handling and monitoring of dormant assets, are charged to the client to a reasonable extent.

Note: Overdrafts on private and current accounts are possible following consultation with the bank; the current interest rate is 14% p.a.
*The accounts listed, including their interest rates, are only available upon conclusion of a Bonviva or Viva Banking Package.

We always have the right accounts and cards for you

We always have the right accounts and cards for you, regardless of your current life situation.