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Forward Fix Mortgage

Lock in today’s attractive interest rate for your mortgage tomorrow – with the Forward Fix Mortgage. You’ll be guaranteed a fixed mortgage interest rate up to three years in advance for a fixed amount and a fixed term.

Lock in attractive interest rates for later

Fixed interest rate for a fixed amount

Minimum amount of CHF 100,000

Term of 2–15 years


The mortgage interest rate can be agreed upon up to three years before disbursement of a new mortgage or extension of an existing one.

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Current interest rate of the Forward fix mortgage

With the Forward fix mortgage you can hedge yourself against rising interest rates and thus know the mortgage interest costs that can be budgeted in advance. To do this, use the interest rates of the Fix mortgage as a guide.

To the mortgage interest rates

Schedule a Consultation

Your financing in the best hands: Our regionally based financing experts will help you find the right product solution for you.

Schedule a Consultation

Our Experts. Your Benefit

Our experienced and skilled financing experts will put the financing of your dream property on a secure foundation.

Approximately 200 experts

When it comes to the financing of your property, you can rely on the know-how of approximately 200 certified experts at Credit Suisse. Free of charge and with no obligation.

There for you locally

Our financing experts are based regionally throughout Switzerland and are very familiar with the conditions in their region.

Comprehensive advice

In order to make your dreams come true, our experts always have all aspects of your property financing in view – if necessary, with the aid of other financial experts.

Initial Financing

Initial Financing

Your financing should fit your needs optimally and be affordable over the long term. For this purpose, our experts combine various mortgages and in that way find the right model for you.

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Extend a Mortgage

Extend a Mortgage

Once your mortgage or a tranche expires, you have several options. You can reconsider your mortgage situation if your income or other factors have changed. Or you can quickly and easily extend the mortgage directly via your Online Banking account.

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Switch to Credit Suisse

Switch to Credit Suisse

If your mortgage at another bank is expiring, take advantage of the opportunity to reassess your mortgage structure and obtain attractive terms from Credit Suisse.

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Today’s Interest Rates – Tomorrow

Today’s Interest Rates – Tomorrow

Lock in your interest rate for the entire term prior to the expiry of your mortgage. Via your Online Banking account, you can lock in the current mortgage interest rate for the entire term up to two years before disbursement of a new mortgage or extension of an existing one. In that way, you can protect yourself in advance against considerably higher interest rates.

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3 Steps to Your Mortgage

Your mortgage should be affordable over the long term and fit your needs optimally. Together with you, we’ll find a customized solution for your needs.


Get in touch with us

Simply use the contact form on our website, call the mortgage hotline or schedule an appointment at your branch with your relationship manager.


Contact us for a consultation with our financing experts.

Once you’ve compiled all of the relevant documents, we’ll come up with a customized financing solution, appraise the property and review your request for its feasibility.


Getting your mortgage

After you’ve signed the loan contract that we prepared, we’ll issue a promise of payment. Then you can choose a product and obtain the mortgage.

Our Products in Comparison

You’ve found the home or apartment of your dreams. We can offer you financing solutions for the purchase of your own home that are tailored to your needs.

  • Forward fix or Fix mortgage

  • Adjustable-rate mortgage

  • Construction loan