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Save Today. Relax Tomorrow.

Save Today. Relax Tomorrow.

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Reduce Your Tax Bill with a Private Pension

Maximum deduction:

7 056


Employed with 2nd pillar



Employed without 2nd pillar
(20% of net income from gainful employment, up to a maximum of CHF 35,280)

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Select Your Pension Product

Vested benefits – 2nd pillar


Private pension – 3rd pillar

Vested benefits safekeeping account – 2nd pillar


Pension safekeeping account – 3rd pillar


How does the three-pillar pension system work?

Building Provisions in the 3rd Pillar

How does the three-pillar pension system

How does the three-pillar pension system

3rd pillar: private pension

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3 Steps for Retirement Planning




Your personal advisor analyzes your personal and financial situation with you. His or her goal is to align your pension strategy with your dreams, preferences and plans for the future.


Strategy development

Your personal advisor consults additional experts as needed and then develops a detailed pension strategy tailored to your unique needs.


Your personal retirement plan

Your personal advisor presents his or her proposed solutions to you and makes sure that they still meet your expectations.