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Private Pension – 3rd Pillar

Pillar 3a tax savings

Come to us to plan the perfect pillar 3a private pension for your needs. You’ll have more time for the good things in life after retirement. Our private pensions offer many ways to maintain your standard of living in your golden years. We'll show you how to start capitalizing on the benefits today. 

Invest Today. Benefit Tomorrow

Our tip: Set aside a bit more than you technically have to. Later, you’ll have much more than you absolutely need. Supplement your government and occupational pensions with pillar 3a and start reaping the tax benefits today.

Standard of living

In old age, you’ll have plenty of time. With a private pension, you’ll be able to fill this time with things you enjoy.

Tax benefits

Enjoy the advantages of third pillar plans. Invest your money freely – and lower your tax bill.

Home ownership

Ownership provides security in old age. Become an owner. With a pension, you can lay the foundation for your own home.

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Foundation for Home Ownership

Open and independently optimize your Pillar 3a in online & mobile banking

In Online & Mobile Banking, you can open your Pillar 3a online with just a few clicks and manage your Pillar 3a investments independently to optimize your pension provision. In addition to buying and switching securities solutions, you can set up a pension plan for future automatic investments. Thanks to a Pillar 3a overview page, you also have an overview of your Pillar 3a relationships, the performance of your securities solution and all the information you need about your retirement savings at any time.

Visual guide with screenshots for CSX Pension (PDF)

Try it now in online and mobile banking

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The Choice Is Yours

You want to pursue a higher return? Or you put security first? We can provide the right retirement solution for whatever you need.

  • Securities – 3rd Pillar

  • Account – 3rd Pillar

Allow Us to Advise You

We’ll sit down with you to find the perfect product for your needs. Discover what your options are.

Allow Us to Advise You
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Maximum Pillar 3a amounts in 2022

If you earn income that is subject to AHV contributions, you can deduct all pillar 3a contributions up to a certain limit from your taxable income.

Maximum deduction:

6 883


Employed with 2nd pillar

34 416


Employed without 2nd pillar (20% of net income from gainful employment, up to a maximum of CHF 34,416)

Your Private Pension – 3rd Pillar

Your Private Pension – 3rd Pillar

Maintain your standard of living in retirement with our private pension.

A lot of things change when you retire. But your standard of living shouldn’t be one of them. Supplement your government and occupational pension with a 3rd third pillar pension account or safekeeping account, and you’ll have a sound financial future to look forward to.

Foundation for Home Ownership

Foundation for Home Ownership

If you own a home, you’ll be more independent in old age. So use your pension plan to pay for a home before you reach retirement. One way is to withdraw the funds you’ve built up in your 3rd pillar pension. We’ll work with you to find the best solution for you.

Indirect Repayment

You regularly invest capital in pillar 3a and then use the accumulated funds to pay off your mortgage when the contract ends.

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Withdrawing Pension Assets

Withdrawing Pension Assets

You don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Luckily, you don’t have to. Stay flexible with a private pension. You can withdraw your pension benefits early if you emigrate, draw a new disability pension or go into business for yourself, for example. You can also keep your private pension if you want to keep working after reaching retirement age.

Drawing a Pension Early

You can access your pillar 3a pension benefits as soon as you reach AHV retirement age. Or possibly even sooner, depending on the circumstances.

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