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Savings Account

Savings Account

Put some money aside. Our Savings account is a safe, easy way for you to save. Account management is absolutely free, and with our Cash Service card, you can deposit cash at Credit Suisse ATMs at any time.

Easy and convenient saving

No account management fees

Free Cash Service card

Our Savings Account

Our Savings Account


  • Account management is absolutely free.
  • An administration fee of CHF 10 will be charged per withdrawal, starting with the 13th withdrawal in one year.


CHF 50,000 p.a. There is also a three-month notice period. Twelve free withdrawals can be made per year from the Savings account (also known as a deposit account).


Free Cash Service card for depositing cash at Credit Suisse ATMs.

3 Steps to Your Savings Account

Do you already have an account with Credit Suisse? Open your new savings account simply and conveniently online.


Open Online Banking

Click the link “Apply in Online Banking” and log into your online banking account with your user ID and password.


Sign up for account

Under the product options, select “Accounts and Cards” and then the Interest growth savings account. Then click “Apply now”.


Use account

You will receive your account opening confirmation in the mail. At that point, you’ll be free to use your new account with Credit Suisse.

Our Savings Solutions Side by Side

If you save, you’re thinking ahead. We’ll give you several easy and convenient ways to prepare for the future. Discover our savings solutions. For adults. For young people. And for children. Choose security with our Savings accounts or pursue attractive returns with our Investment fund savings plans.

Savings account

  • Competitive interest rate
  • Easy and safe savings vehicle
  • No account management fees
  • Cash Service card for deposits and cash withdrawals 

Investment fund savings plan

  • Easy, systematic wealth accumulation
  • Long-term return opportunities
  • Risk minimized by regular contributions and broad diversification
  • Buy or sell fund units at any time free of charge