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Viva for Young People and Students

All important banking payment and saving services in a single package. Free of charge. That’s Viva. So you can keep track of your money whenever and wherever you choose as you become financially independent. Open a Viva account online today and you'll receive CHF 50 to get you started.

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Our Viva Banking Packages

Our Viva Banking Packages

Open an account and receive

CHF 50


1 Private account 0.25% (up to CHF 50,000)
1 Savings account 0.50% (up to CHF 25,000)

The free banking package for college students aged 18 to 30.


Maestro card
Credit1 or prepaid2 card

At 18, you can choose between a prepaid card or a credit card.



Online & Mobile Banking
Cardless Cash
Mobile Payments

Free cash withdrawals in CHF and EUR at any ATM in Switzerland.


"This offer is valid until it is revoked. The opening balance credit will be paid only once per person. The opening balance will be credited to the newly opened account within 15 working days.

For an online opening you must be at least 14 years old.

Any questions?

Would you like more information about our Viva Banking Packages? Contact our Customer Service Center now.

Allow Us to Advise You

*For security reasons and training purposes, telephone calls may be recorded. Standard connection rates apply (Swisscom). Mobile phone and foreign rates as well as the charges of other providers may vary. 

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3 Steps to a Viva Banking Package

Use our easy, convenient online form to become a Viva client.


Complete the form

Call up the online form by clicking on "Order now". Enter your personal information in the appropriate fields. Submit the online form.


Get a call back

We will contact you by telephone to discuss the next steps.


Open the package and activate your online access

Call at a Credit Suisse branch to complete the account opening process. Then activate your online access for the Viva World of Experiences.

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Viva Movie Days

Viva Movie Days

Love going to the movies? Never miss a blockbuster? Then Viva is for you! Viva clients can watch the latest movies at cinemas every day for just CHF 13, including a small popcorn and 500 ml soft drink in a PET bottle (3D movies CHF 15, not including 3D glasses). And since it’s more fun to go to the cinema with someone else, your companion enjoys the same conditions. Treat yourself to a Viva movie day whenever you want.

To the cinema overview

Instant payment

Our exclusive offer for double the benefits: Secure your free Viva Mastercard®1 and receive a refund on the purchase price of CHF 85 when you buy one of four brand-new SwatchPAY! Watches. 

Find out more
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Experience More. Pay Less

Experience More. Pay Less

Go to where the action is as a Viva client. You can get free or heavily discounted tickets to events and cultural happenings. With the Viva World of Experiences, you pay only half or nothing at all. Check out the latest special offers for yourself. 

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Pay on the go. Quickly and securely

Use your smartphone or smartwatch to pay wherever the contactless function is available.

Change the status quo. Go for it.

You want to make a difference. Follow your own dreams. Do your creative projects. You are part of a new generation. You are the future. And we are at your side.

Allow Us to Advise You

Secure Benefits. Find out More Now


The banking solution for children

The banking solution for children

With Viva Kids, children under age 12 learn how to handle money responsibly. The Maestro card is available starting at age 7.

Bonviva Banking Packages

Bonviva Banking Packages

Our Bonviva Banking Packages offer you multiple accounts with attractive interest rates, a Maestro card, credit cards, and much more at a fixed price.

Credit Suisse TWINT

Credit Suisse TWINT

Thanks to Credit Suisse TWINT, the time-consuming processes of entering credit card data when you pay in online shops or laboriously counting out coins at the checkout are history.

1 Credit cards issued by Swisscard AECS GmbH.

2 Prepaid cards issued by Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services AG