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Current Account

Enjoy the benefits of our current accounts, also known as checking accounts. They're the simplest solution for payment transactions and securities transactions in Swiss francs and foreign currencies.

Standing orders and direct debits

Online & Mobile Banking included

No currency translation losses¹

¹ On transactions in the account currency

Our Current Account

Our Current Account


CHF and foreign currencies

Debit Mastercard

Annual fee CHF 50/card
Replacement card CHF 20/card
Card blocking CHF 55/card

Extracts of account

Provided twice yearly free of charge in the mail or as e-documents in Online & Mobile Banking; every additional extract costs CHF 1

Allow Us to Advise You

Would you like more information about our accounts and cards? Then call our Customer Service Center.

Allow Us to Advise You

*For security reasons and training purposes, telephone calls may be recorded. Standard connection rates apply (Swisscom). Mobile phone and foreign rates as well as the charges of other providers may vary. 

Loss-Free Banking in Foreign Currencies

Loss-Free Banking in Foreign Currencies

There's a big advantage to having a current account in a foreign currency: You can make or accept payments denominated in the other currency without having to actually buy or sell it. That eliminates currency translation losses and makes prices easier to calculate.

Keep Track with Online & Mobile Banking

Keep Track with Online & Mobile Banking

Enjoy the freedom to review account statements from home, pay a bill while on the go, or check your securities safekeeping account on the train. It's never been easier or more secure with Online & Mobile Banking. This platform enables anytime, anyplace banking – on your computer, smartphone or tablet. All from the simple, user-friendly interface in Credit Suisse's Online & Mobile Banking.

To Online & Mobile Banking

Account transfer service

We would be happy to help you transfer your banking services to Credit Suisse.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Transfer of your accounts, cards, and payment facilities
  • No need for correspondence with the other banks – you can leave it all to us
  • Free for all private clients of Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd. domiciled in Switzerland

Account transfer service

Pay Easily. Achieve Savings Goals