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SARON Hypotheken

SARON mortgage

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Our SARON product

You've found your dream property and would like to benefit from the attractive Swiss reference interest rate? Find out more about our product offering here.

SARON mortgage

For the following clients

  • Clients who are comfortable with the fact that the interest amount actually due is not known until the end of the respective accounting period
  • Clients who can accept uncertainties and fluctuations in the market interest rate


Advantages for you

  • Benefit from consistently low or falling interest rates
  • Participate in the current interest rate development throughout the selected term


Your options

  • You choose the term and periodicity of the accounting period
  • Flexible thanks to the possibility of switching to a different Credit Suisse mortgage product every day



  • Minimum amount - CHF 100,000
  • Term - 1, 2 or 3 years
  • Tranche - 1 or 3 month

How does the SARON mortgage work?

For the SARON mortgage, the interest rate comprises the compounded SARON and an agreed fixed margin. The interest rate is only announced retrospectively at the end of the interest period.

How does the SARON mortgage work?

How does interest computation work for the SARON mortgage?

Compounding is an interest-on-interest computation using the base rates fixed daily for a specific accounting period, i.e. the computation is performed retrospectively as of the due date for the accounting period.

How does interest computation work for the SARON mortgage?
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We will be glad to advise you in person

Your financing in the best hands: Our regionally based financing experts can show you how to take advantage of opportunities and minimize risks.

We will be glad to advise you in person

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