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Viva Kids Banking Package

Viva Kids* is our free banking package for children under 12. It helps parents teach their kids to be responsible with cash and digital money.

Our Banking Package for Children

Our Banking Package for Children

Digipigi – Digital Money Box

The digital money box Digipigi** is a fun way for kids to learn how to manage cash and digital money. Digipigi** even makes sounds and facial expressions and can serve as a nightlight and alarm clock.

Private & Savings Account

Our free banking package includes Digipigi** as well as a Private and Savings account and an optional Debit Mastercard. With the Viva Kids savings account, your child earns 5% interest on the first CHF 1,000.

Debit Mastercard

With the Viva Kids Debit Mastercard (ages 7 and up), your child can make cashless payments and withdraw Swiss francs and euros at ATMs across Switzerland for free – but solely up to the defined limit on a credit-only basis.

Open Viva Kids

Do you want more information about Digipigi** and our Viva Kids Banking Package? Contact us.

Open Viva Kids
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The Digital Money Box

Pick a color

  • Digipigi** comes in three colors.
  • Makes sounds and facial expressions in response to kids depositing coins and to transactions on Viva Kids accounts.
  • Protects savings with a secure magnetic lock and is only fully functional with the defined home WiFi.
  • It also serves as a night light and alarm clock and deactivates the WiFi when in sleep mode.
  • Developed and produced in Switzerland.

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Discover Digipigi

Our film showcases all the functions and components of Digipigi**, its apps, and the Viva Kids Banking Package.

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Digipigi Apps: The Way Kids Save Today

With the Digipigi apps, you can teach your child about money: Your child will come to understand income and expenses. It's easy for you to manage pocket money and keep an eye on your child's account balance.

Digipigi Apps

  • Set up saving goals

  • Manage pocket money

  • Define chores

"Viva Kids and the digital Digipigi** money box make it fun for children to learn how to handle money responsibly. We help parents and their children along the way: from their first pocket money to their own bank card, all the way up to the fulfillment of their personal wishes."

Viva Kids World

Viva Kids World

Viva Kids World is all about encouraging children to handle money responsibly. As a parent, you have access to exclusive articles and in-depth expertise on financial education. And children will find entertaining, educational stories and adventures to teach them all about payments and saving.

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The free digital banking offering for everyone from 12 to 25 years of age. Account, Debit Mastercard, discounts on movie tickets, and great deals on streaming packages – all in one app.

* Viva Kids is our banking package for children under 12 with a domicile and mailing address in Switzerland. One parent must at least have a transaction account and an online banking contract with Credit Suisse, and be domiciled in Switzerland. Children aged 7 or over can receive a Debit Mastercard.

** Digipigi is free of charge for children of clients with a Basic Banking, Bonviva, Viva or CSX offering of more than CHF 10 per month. Otherwise, a one-time fee of CHF 99 including VAT will be charged. For exchange/replacements, a fee of CHF 99 including VAT, may apply. Digipigi can be excluded from the Viva Kids Banking Package on request. In that case, the Digipigi apps can’t be used.

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