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Safe Deposit Box Rental

Safe Deposit Box Rental

Having your own safe deposit box at a bank enables you to protect objects or documents against unauthorized access. Deposit everything important in a safe place, and leave it to our experts to secure your valuables.

Your Benefits

  • Secure storage of your valuables starting at CHF 200 per year.
  • Access only for authorized persons.
  • Discretion assured thanks to separate booths.
  • Safe deposit box size varies to meet your needs.

Fees for Safe Deposit Box Rental

The annual fees for bank safes depend on the size of the safe. If your safe deposit box rental begins in the middle of the year, you pay only a prorated portion of the annual fee. You can find an exact overview in the product sheet for safe deposit boxes.

Size category  Volume in dm³ Annual fee in CHF
1 1-10
2 11-50
3 51-100
4 101-1,000

A Safe Place for Irreplaceable Valuables

Leave the storage of your most important valuables up to us. With a safe deposit box or safe at Credit Suisse, your most valuable documents and objects always remain in a safe place. We offer six size categories, depending on your needs. At your branch, you can access your safe deposit box in a separate booth, ensuring the highest possible discretion. Make an appointment with your advisor.

Secure Your Valuables Today

Safe deposit boxes are available for rent at our branches and can be accessed during regular bank opening hours.

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