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Payments & Direct Debits

Payments & Direct Debits

As a private client, take advantage of our convenient solutions for your payments. Use our Online & Mobile Banking or, if you prefer, classic payment transaction channels.

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Incoming Payments

When sending out invoices, you can make transfers easier for the payer by using a QR-bill or providing your international bank account number (IBAN).

  • IBAN

  • QR-bill

Outgoing Payments

Select for yourself whether you want to process your outgoing payments by means of payment orders, multi-payment orders, standing orders, the direct debit scheme (DD), or e-bills.

  • Online & Mobile Banking

  • Use eBill. Pay smarter.

  • QR-bill

  • Cross-border payments

  • Payment orders

  • Standing orders

  • Direct debit (LSV+)

  • Multi-payment orders

  • Special rules and regulations for international payments