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What is the retirement age of the future?

Increased longevity, declining birth rates and lower financial returns for pension funds are all putting pressure on pension systems. Is a work free retirement period in your 60s and beyond a thing of the past? The recent Credit Suisse report Rethinking Retirement delves deeper.

Global CIO House View January 2020

The year 2019 was very positive for investors, with many equity indices ending at record highs. Yet, the new year brought sobering news: US-Iran tensions escalated, bringing geopolitical risk back to the fore. In the new Global CIO video, we look at the latest developments and our current views.

Global banks to pause on interest rate movements

Key central banks are generally expected to pause interest rate movements over the coming months after a surprisingly active 2019 that saw interest-rate cuts in the US, Europe, and many central banks in Asia. "The very relaxed monetary policy around the world, especially in the US and Europe, has left policymakers with very little room for maneuver," says Credit Suisse economist Maxime Botteron in the podcast. However, the central banks and their policies should not be ignored either. The Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank are currently reviewing their strategies. Meanwhile, a 2019 report from the Swiss National Bank highlights the large, income-generating balance sheets that were built up in the past decade.



Tech companies transforming the way we live

Entrepreneurs are driven by a desire to make a difference. In doing so many are developing technology that can transform the way we live. How do investors find these groundbreaking companies?

Switzerland's doing fine

The Swiss rate their national and personal economic situation positively.

The collapse of confidence

Confidence in Switzerland's institutions is dropping rapidly. In one notable exception, the police have captured the top spot.

"Don't delegate your own responsibilities."

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Jobst Wagner worries about the Swiss economy and civil society. That's why he's rewarding smart ideas for Switzerland's future.

The reform backlog

Voter priorities are clear and their impatience is mounting: They want answers and results.

"I sometimes miss the willingness to pull together."

Federal Councilor Karin Keller-Sutter on the concerns of Swiss voters, the outlook for bilateral treaties and the political benefits of a slower pace.

"Everyone is called upon to preserve the militia system."

Andreas Müller from the Swiss Association of Municipalities discusses the Year of Militia Service and how to encourage social commitment.
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