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Global CIO House View June 2022

It has been a challenging year so far for financial markets, with high inflation, increasingly hawkish central banks and the war in Ukraine giving investors plenty to worry about: equity markets remain below their previous highs, while government bond yields are up substantially.
Collectibles: Between passion and investment

Collectibles: Between passion and investment

Besides serving as an alternative investment, collectibles are tangible assets that offer satisfaction and pleasure to their owners, furthering their personal interests and passions.
Medical Wearables

Healthcare technologies for an aging population

Innovations in disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment

Global CIO House View May 2022

The elevated volatility that has characterized equity markets this year shows no signs of easing. In fact, quite the opposite is true, as daily moves both up and down recently reached extreme levels. Concerns about economic growth, persistently high inflation, monetary policy tightening as well as the geopolitical situation continue to weigh on investors' minds. In recent weeks, forced selling even heightened the degree of nervousness.
Electric Vehicles Main

Electric vehicles: the future of sustainable transport

The International Energy Agency (IEA) envisages that global carbon emissions will need to reach net zero by 2050 to limit global warming. Industries can take action by switching to renewable energy sources and using carbon capture technologies to achieve this goal.
Diabetes main image

Artificial intelligence allows detailed diabetes market research

The proprietary Credit Suisse Healthcare Database allows us to follow the therapeutic journeys through various diseases.

Switzerland and Credit Suisse 2022 – Key facts and figures

Credit Suisse has had close links to Switzerland ever since it was founded and plays an active role within the economy and society at various levels. This is reflected in the latest edition of our brochure "Switzerland and Credit Suisse", which is available online from today and can also be found in our branches.

Global CIO House View April 2022

Investors have had to contend with persistently volatile markets, as the war in Ukraine continues, inflationary pressures remain elevated and a recent inversion of the US yield curve triggered fears of a recession. Moreover, markets continued to increase their expectations that the US Federal Reserve may tighten monetary policy more than previously expected.

Carbon markets: Invest in greenhouse gas emissions

Carbon is an emerging asset class that could potentially rival the global oil market in size.

Global CIO House View March 2022

Financial markets have continued their rollercoaster ride amid a rapidly shifting mix of sharply elevated geopolitical risks and central bank action to combat persistently high inflation. Yet we believe that equities now offer a tactical opportunity for investors.
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