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The ROE of a tree

Planting trees could be a profitable activity, not least for farmers.

Global CIO House View July 2021

While many of us may be looking ahead to a summer break, we are also looking back on a successful, albeit eventful, first half of the year. Against a backdrop in which the economic recovery withstood further waves of the coronavirus pandemic, but in line with our expectations, financial markets delivered solid returns.

Effects of COVID on household wealth

Our Global Wealth Report 2021 looks into the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the response of policymakers on global wealth and its distribution. The analysis shows continued wealth growth; nevertheless, bearing in mind the widespread economic disruption, household wealth and macroeconomic indicators seem to be on different trajectories.

Sustainable food: the investment case

For businesses and investors, sustainable food will give rise to both opportunities and disruption.

Global CIO House View May 2021

As we know very well, the pandemic has not only upended many areas of life, but also led to extremes in financial markets and economic data. The former have seen volatility pick up in recent weeks, and the latter have been highly erratic.

Global CIO House View June 2021

As the world recovers from COVID-19, investors are no longer as worried about the pandemic as a few months ago. New concerns have moved center stage, including a spike in inflation, particularly in the USA.

Investing for the long-term after the pandemic – Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse has developed six long-term investment themes known as the Supertrends. These important multi-year trends help investors identify fast-growing business opportunities at an early stage and help them grow their capital over the long term.

Switzerland and Credit Suisse 2021 – Key facts and figures

Credit Suisse has had close links to Switzerland ever since it was founded and plays an active role within the economy and society at various levels. This is reflected in the latest edition of our brochure "Switzerland and Credit Suisse", which is available online from today and can also be found in our branches.

Global CIO House View April 2021

In a brief span of time, investors went from being concerned about inflation and rising bond yields to regaining confidence in the strong growth outlook amid supportive financial conditions and rising earnings estimates.

Central bank digital currencies

In our latest podcast, Brian Blackstone catches up with economist Maxime Botteron to discuss the outlook for central bank digital currencies.
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