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Global CIO House View January 2023


What the future holds for the monetary system

What does the future hold for the monetary system? Macroeconomic imbalances and geopolitics may accelerate change in the current largely USD-based monetary system into a more multipolar one.

US Inflation Reduction Act: A catalyst for climate action

The Inflation Reduction Act 2022 (IRA) – containing sweeping tax credits/incentives and grants/loan programs across multiple industries – is the most ambitious and comprehensive legislative action the United States has ever taken on addressing climate change. Funding for innovation and R&D could position the US as a leader in the low-carbon economy in the 2030s and beyond.

Investment Outlook 2023 – a fundamental reset

In hindsight, 2022 marks the year when geopolitics took center stage, not only significantly impacting the global economy and financial markets, but resetting international relations and global international commerce.
This has implications for short-, medium-, and long-term growth, price prospects, and monetary and fiscal policy, potentially leading to sizeable shifts in the global monetary system with reverberations in financial markets.

Influence of Asia’s demographic changes on the world’s markets

In the ten years ending in 2019, ten economies in Asia, the so-called A-10, made up 50% of incremental global GDP and 60% of incremental goods exports, and supplied USD 5 trillion in capital to the rest of the world. As half of these countries are aging rapidly, how will the global supply of labor and capital be affected?

The future of sustainable investing

Climate change and human rights issues have driven a dramatic growth in sustainable investing over the last decade. In 2021, 36% of all assets globally were managed with some form of sustainable link, up from 22% in 20121. Investment levels need to rise further still in order to achieve long-term sustainability targets.

Global CIO video: October 2022

Recent weeks have not been for the faint-hearted. Investors have had to stomach sharp market moves typically reflective of bear market environments. Equity markets have been resetting, pricing in the fact that central banks, first and foremost the US Federal Reserve, are continuing to aggressively hike interest rates to bring inflation back to target.

Global CIO House View November 2022

Die letzten Wochen haben gezeigt, dass selbst Baissen an den Aktienmärkten bisweilen eine Pause einlegen.

Soil biodiversity: A hidden investment opportunity

Biodiversity – the essential natural support system for life on earth and the foundation of our economy – is a key topic for investors. But a focus on above-ground species and ecosystems overlooks the relevance and impact potential of soil-based biodiversity.
Sustainable investing - niche no more

Sustainable investing – Niche no more

Sustainable and impact investing continues to have a "niche" reputation even though it has become a popular approach. A new Credit Suisse report, "Build for the future – A guide to sustainable portfolio construction," makes the case that the industry is far more mature than many realize.
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