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SDGs put impact at the heart of sustainable investing

Sustainable investing has a long history and has evolved considerably in recent decades. Today, we are witnessing a shift from ESG exclusion and integration-only approaches towards the inclusion of thematic and impact-aligned approaches.

Global CIO House View September 2020

"What goes up must come down." Our economists recently used this phrase to describe the peak in economic activity they expect in coming weeks after a strong rebound this summer.

Family businesses take on ESG

Family-owned companies consider and incorporate ESG (environmental, corporate, and social) factors more than their counterparts that are not family owned. Businesses owned by families tend to take a longer-term view and are often better prepared for the future. The latest Credit Suisse Family 1000 report looks at the differences in detail and concludes that, over time, family-owned business with strong ESG credentials perform better.

Shareholder engagement for ocean sustainability

The economic value of global ocean assets is around USD 24 trillion, making it the seventh-largest economy in the world. A sustainable blue economy is not just crucial for planetary and human health – it also makes good business sense. Yet, with the acceleration of climate change, plastic pollution, and overfishing, the ocean's condition is deteriorating. Active investor engagement can help to turn this crisis around.

Global economy recovery from the COVID-19 crisis

In this podcast, Brian Blackstone chats to Credit Suisse chief economist James Sweeney and chief European economist Neville Hill about the global economy's prospects heading into the autumn and beyond.

Global CIO House View August 2020

Even though the global coronavirus pandemic is far from over, risky assets did not take a break during the summer weeks in the Northern hemisphere. US equities overall flirted with all-time highs, while technology stocks set new records. Meanwhile, US Treasury yields continued to fall despite improving economic data, and that further buoyed precious metals.

Electric, solar or classic cars: Can car passion be green?

A Lamborghini is not a car. It's a statement. Like every other iconic car, it comes with the aura of a certain lifestyle and uniqueness. And a serious carbon footprint.

Sustainable Investing: The way forward.

Macro trends like climate change, increased public awareness, and governmental as well as legislative and regulatory change have spurned a shift in investor preferences and visibly driven demand for generating returns sustainably.

Millennials and sustainable food. A long-term investment theme.

Millennials' demand for sustainable food are revolutionizing the food industry, making way for new groundbreaking companies. Credit Suisse has identified Millennials' Values as one of the six long-term investment themes known as Supertrends.

Global CIO House View July 2020

All rallies eventually take a pause, and the one in which equities recovered significant ground in the second quarter is no exception. Since mid-June, equity markets have largely trended sideways, with even positive economic surprises unable to spark sustained momentum.
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