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Sustainable fashion: Your personal consumer footprint

Global in nature, the fashion industry has high levels of carbon emissions, water and pesticide use, and is associated with social and labor-related issues. With nearly every person on the planet contributing to this industry, improved consumer behavior would undeniably help reduce its overall environmental footprint.

Global CIO House View January 2022

Financial markets have been subject to increased volatility recently, caused in part by the emergence and subsequent rapid spread of the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

Entrepreneurial gender gap – funding is still a struggle

One of the key barriers that female entrepreneurs face when developing their businesses is a lack of access to venture capital or funding. 

Sustainable future needs purposeful leadership model

Although global organizations are steadily shifting their focus to environmental, social, governance (ESG), and sustainability factors, their strategies and efforts will continue to fall short over time. Collective action led by purposeful and courageous leaders to solve the world's current problems would result in a more extensive transformation, allowing businesses to thrive.

ESG investing: What is it and what are the trends to watch?

Investors can invest sustainably in a number of different ways. The sustainable investing spectrum allows investors to build a portfolio based on their personal values, risk appetite and financial goals.

Global CIO House View November 2021

From correction to comeback. After losing ground in September through mid-October, global equities staged a rather remarkable rally.

COVID-19 crisis impact: More gender equality in the workplace

The pandemic accelerated the shift to remote and flexible working which may prove to be a meaningful catalyst for higher female labor market participation rates – at least in some professions – provided this new way of working becomes less stigmatized and more popular for all.

When emissions turn personal: How many trees are needed to offset your carbon footprint?

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions need to fall by 50% between 2020-2030 and reach 'net zero' by 2050 in order to meet targets set under the 2015 Paris Agreementi. The global debate that surrounds climate change typically focuses on governments and companies, overlooking the ultimate driver of emissions: the consumer.

Scaling up facilities to capture, store and utilize carbon

With an acceleration in the number of countries moving towards net zero 2050 objectives, the main existing technologies for carbon capture storage and utilization offer an important component in a suite of initiatives to limit global warming. For very carbon intensive industries, where new technologies to minimize or avoid carbon emissions may take decades to develop, capital flows to scale up carbon capture facilities can accelerate the pace of reducing carbon emissions in support of achieving climate change targets.

Global CIO House View October 2021

The turn of the quarter brought with it a turn in investor sentiment.
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