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Engaging in your future.

Engaging in your future.

Together, we'll find the best path to reach your goals. So you can make the right financial decisions – no matter what stage of life you're in. That's what really matters.

Our Advisory Service

Inheritance consulting

Inheritance consulting

Need an advance directive, will, marriage or inheritance contract? Our inheritance consultants outline the legal framework conditions so you can organize your personal, family, and business situation.

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Arrange a personal consultation

Visit our nearest branch, call us or use our online form. You can also open 2nd and 3rd pillar products online.

Termin Vereinbaren Sie ein Beratungsgespräch

What is a pension gap?

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Ask the right questions

Different aspects of private financial planning will require you to ask different questions. But the most important one is this: What goals do you want to achieve? 

Personal consultation

Analyze your financial situation with us

Using state-​of-the-art financial tools, we can analyze your personal situation directly and show you custom solutions while guiding the decision-​making process. 

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Planung und Umsetzung

Planning and execution

Optimize whatever you can

Our advisors have highly qualified experts at their side to offer you the very best solutions. As a result, you’ll get comprehensive future planning that identifies every opportunity to optimize your finances.

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Three steps to your consultation



Select a topic

Educate yourself about the issues that matter for your financial plan. Write down your questions, goals, and expectations for the personal consultation.


Arrange a no-obligation initial consultation

Go to your branch, call us, or use our online form. Tell us which financial issues you are seeking advice for.


Start the financial consultation

We’ll arrange a one-on-one meeting with you. At this free initial consultation, we’ll analyze your questions and determine the next steps with you.