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Having a good plan. That's what really matters.

Having a good plan. That's what really matters.

Your dreams. Your life plans. These are what drive you. But can you also turn them into reality? This is where Life Plan comes in – financial advice that answers these questions for you.

Life Plan – map out your financial future today

Our priority is your pension provision. By making the right decisions now, you can fully enjoy the present and look forward to a worry-free future.
Create your personal Life Plan now and achieve everything you dream of. Your personal advisor will be happy to assist you.

Life Plan – map out your financial future today

Fulfilling a life's dream

  • Understand how your personal situation impacts your finances
  • Ensure financial security and optimize your financial situation
  • Find out more about our investment solutions

Owning your own home

  • Define what you expect from your dream property
  • Learn about your financing options
  • Choose the right mortgage model

Enjoying retirement

  • Plan your current assets to ensure your standard of living after retirement
  • Simulate the effects of various retirement ages
  • Optimize your capital for retirement

Stay independent at every stage of life

  • Create an individual plan for your financial situation
  • Plan your personal asset development
  • Optimize your financial situation

Life Plan – financial advice for your life plans

We provide comprehensive advice and use easy-to-understand visual representations to illustrate how you can achieve your financial goals. Contact your advisor or visit one of our branches in person.

Our advice for everything that life has in store