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Credit Suisse reports and in-house research

Forecasts and analyses. Trends and developments. Ideas and solutions to complex problems. Research related to finance and other sectors, the economy, real estate, and much more.


Credit Suisse Research Institute

The Credit Suisse Research Institute analyzes fundamental trends by combining the knowledge of leading experts with the expertise of the worldwide network of Credit Suisse analysts.

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Annual and interim reports

How we've worked and what we've achieved. View the details, financial statements, and more. In our corporate annual and interim reports.

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Financial reports of Credit Suisse subsidiaries

Facts and figures. Reports and results. From our annual report to our SEC filings − all the corporate financial and regulatory disclosures.


Corporate Responsibility Report

Read how we, as a bank are assuming our various responsibilities In our core business, towards our employees, society, and the environment. More on this in our Corporate Responsibility Report and related publications.

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Global Wealth Report

The most comprehensive and up-to-date resource of its kind. Our Global Wealth Report analyzes the household wealth of 5 billion people across the globe. Multi-faceted and eye-opening.

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Studies and publications

Company and financial statements, annual reports, corporate responsibility reports, research results, interviews, and more. Our publications provide the relevant facts, information, and background.

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