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Mid career

Financial Planning for Professionals

You’re in the prime years of your life and hold a responsible job. You have reached a point in your life where you can actively plan your future. That raises very specific financial questions and needs. We’ll advise you on all the issues that you care about.

Mid Career

  • Plan a business start-up

  • Invest for growth

  • Ensure safety buffer

  • Optimize tax

  • Start a family

  • Provide for my family

  • Estate planning

  • Pay for my children's education

  • Partnership rules

  • Buy real estate

  • Renovate real estate

  • Pay off a mortgage

  • Sell real estate

  • Change residences

  • Plan/finance early retirement

  • Avoid pension gaps

  • Plan drawing of pension assets

  • Rules for a loss of judgment

Mid career

Plan a Business Start-up

You’ve got the experience and a promising idea. And now you want to go into business for yourself. There’s plenty to do: draw up a business plan, analyze the competition and raise capital. But don’t forget about taxes or retirement provision – you’ll be personally responsible for them, too. We’ll find a solution that works for you as a business owner.

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Mid career

Build Wealth

If you want to build wealth over time, we can show you different ways to save, invest and make provision for the future. Develop your own personal strategy with our help.



An efficient saving plan is based on monthly saving, current funds and your personal risk tolerance. Come to us to work out your own personal savings strategy.

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Use our knowledge of the investment market to make the right decisions. You determine how often we’ll meet, how exhaustive our consultations will be and how your portfolio will be monitored.

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Saving for retirement

Switzerland’s pension system includes government and occupational pensions (first and second pillar) as well as voluntary private pensions (third pillar). We will advise you on your options.

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Mid Career

Build up Reserves

Regularly set a portion of your income to the side to build up a rainy-day fund. You’d be surprised at what you can accomplish, even with small sums. We’ll sit down with you to work out your savings goals. Contact us for a consultation.

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Mid career

Save on Taxes

As your income and wealth rises, so do your taxes. Luckily, the tax code provides ways for you to improve your tax situation. The more you use them, the bigger the tax impact. Changes in your life circumstances play a role too.


Change of residence

Tax laws vary from one canton and country to the next.

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Saving for retirement

Do you have questions about saving for retirement? We are happy to advise you. Switzerland’s pension system includes government and occupational pensions as well as voluntary private pensions.

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Payments for some kinds of liabilities, such as mortgages and loans, have tax implications. Contact us for a consultation.

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Mid career

Start a Family

You’ve made a mark in your profession and notched up serious accomplishments. But your priorities are shifting. You’re now thinking about having children and a family. With our financial advice, we’ll help you prepare properly for this stage in life.

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Mid career

Provide for Your Family

Your family is the most important thing in your life. But since life is full of surprising twists and turns, you have to think ahead. Make preparations in the event that you can no longer support your family. We’ll help you set up appropriate pension and insurance plans and ensure your family is provided for – no matter what happens.

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Plan Your Estate

With an inheritance consultation, you can rest easy knowing your estate will be administered the way you want. Contact us to clear up unanswered questions.

Mid career

Pay for Your Child’s Education

Like any parent, you only want the best for your children. Especially in terms of their education. We’ll explain how you can help your children enter the profession of their choice.

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Mid career

Cohabitation or Marriage

Marriage or cohabitation? It’s not just a personal preference. It affects your financial situation, too. For example, cohabiting partners file tax returns individually. Also, the law doesn’t cover inherited property or alimony claims following separation. If you’re not married, it may be wise to consider drawing up a written contract with your partner.

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Mid career

Finance Your Own Home

When you buy a home, you generally make a down payment to cover part of the purchase price and take out a mortgage for the rest. It’s important for this long-term financial obligation to be affordable. We’ll work out the ideal financing plan with you.

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Mid career

Renovate or Modernize

Convert or renovate? They’re both hot trends. The secret to a successful modernization consists of three steps. First, list what you want to renovate. Then, find out how much the work will cost. Finally, work out the financing. Architects and construction advisors will help you with the planning. Appraisers will assess the value of your property after renovating.

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Mid career

Repay a Mortgage

These days, there’s much less pressure to pay off debt quickly than there used to be. The reason? Interest rates are currently low. However, they will likely rise in the foreseeable future. That means you should consider how much you’re paying to borrow money and how much you could earn by investing your capital. Ask us for details – we’ll be happy to tell you more.

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Mid career

Sell Real Estate

Selling your house or apartment is a major life event. It often involves a lot of money. You should think carefully about the best way to invest the sales proceeds and possibly pay off any outstanding mortgages, for example. Contact us for a consultation.

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Mid career

Change of Residence

Moving isn’t just a big life change; it has tax implications as well. Tax laws vary from one canton to the next. Your residence for tax purposes is the place where you have made a life for yourself and reside with your family. Talk to us before you change residences. We’ll be happy to advise you.

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Mid career

Early Retirement

You’re entertaining the thought of taking early retirement. Then you should look closely at your pension situation ahead of time. By taking action today, you can avoid the need to make compromises regarding your standard of living after retirement. We’ll help you plan for life after work so you can look ahead to a future free of financial worries. 

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Mid career

Plan for Retirement

The sooner you plan for retirement, the easier it will be to enjoy it later and live out your days just the way you want. We’ll advise you on saving for retirement, lowering taxes, drawing your pension and picking the best time to retire.

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Mid career

Optimize Your Retirement Provision

It pays to voluntarily put aside additional money for retirement. Not only does it provide more financial freedom in retirement, but it lowers your taxes, too. We recommend supplementing your government and occupational pensions with a Pension account – 3rd pillar and our saving with securities plan. We’ll help you seize every opportunity to make sound provision for retirement.

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Mid career

Prepare for Mental Incapacity

No one wants to think about mental and physical decline in old age. With an advance directive, you can make provisions for mental incapacity. You can nominate someone to handle your affairs if you become legally incapacitated.

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Mid career

Your Issues

Our advice – as distinctive as your needs. We look forward to talking to you. Select a topic and arrange a consultation.

3 Steps to Your Financial Consultation

Start your financial plan with us today. We’ll help you make your dreams come true.


Select topic

Educate yourself about the issues that matter for your financial plan. Write down your questions, goals and expectations for the personal consultation.


Arrange an initial consultation

Go to your branch, call us or use our online form. Tell us what financial issues you want advice on.


Start financial consultation

We’ll arrange a one-on-one meeting with you. At this free initial meeting, we’ll analyze your questions and determine the next steps with you.

Other Life Stages

We can advise you at any stage in life – from career starters to established professionals to retirees.

Mid career


You’re in the prime of life, with plenty of personal and professional accomplishments and a clear vision of your future.

Mid career


You want to enjoy the fruits of your labor, have all your affairs in order and be free from worries about the future.