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Property Cockpit

Get an estimate of the market value of your property. Or information about potential buyers. Our Property Cockpit will help you with all questions relating to your home.

We are still here for you.

For you, our valued clients, there is currently no need to take any action. There are no changes regarding your conditions or contractual terms, and you continue to have access to your accounts, securities, and other banking services.

We are fully focused on ensuring a smooth transition and seamless experience for you. We look forward to continuing to advise you and are committed to keeping you informed in a timely fashion about any further developments relevant to you. Thank you for your loyalty.

Property Cockpit advantages

  • Get a free estimate of the market value of your property in real time
  • Track market price developments online
  • Find out the impact a renovation has on the market price
  • Get useful information about the property's surrounding area
  • Find out the best sale price for your property
  • Determine the time required for the sale
  • Get information about potential buyers
  • Arrange to sell the property online
  • Benefit from the service of our real estate broker MoneyPark

Access the Property Cockpit

The Property Cockpit is launched via Credit Suisse online banking. You must therefore be a Credit Suisse client and have access to online banking. Click on the link below that applies to you.

Get to know the Property Cockpit