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Rental Deposit Savings Account

You have rented a flat or a house and would like to make a rental deposit easily and conveniently? We have the right solution for you: the rental deposit savings account with Credit Suisse

Free account management*

Free account statement with annual statement of interest

Landlord claims secured

* One-time opening fee of CHF 100 from March 1, 2021 

Ideal for tenants and landlords

Normally, a deposit is due at the beginning of a tenancy. The rental deposit account is recommended for this purpose. You open a savings account for rental deposits and pledge it to your landlord as rental security. If the tenancy is terminated by both parties, you will receive the deposit back as soon as the landlord has given his approval.

NOTE: Please use Internet Explorer when filling out the application online.


  • Opening Rental Deposit Savings Account

  • Changes Rental Deposit Savings Account

  • Change of Tenant Rental Deposit Savings Account

  • Closure Rental Deposit Savings Account

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For questions regarding your rental deposit account, please contact us at the number below. For questions about other accounts and cards, you will find the right contact person at the top right under "Contact & Support".

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