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 Credit Suisse TWINT

Credit Suisse TWINT

Thanks to Credit Suisse TWINT, the time-consuming processes of entering credit card data when you pay in online shops or laboriously counting out coins at the checkout are history. With Credit Suisse TWINT, making mobile payments is convenient and secure. And transferring money between friends is easy with Credit Suisse TWINT.

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Download Credit Suisse TWINT

How TWINT Works

Learn about everything our mobile payments solution for Switzerland can do. Not only can you use Credit Suisse TWINT to pay at cash registers, in online shops, at parking meters, ticket machines, or unattended farm shops, but thanks to digital coupons and stamp cards, you can also benefit from a number of perks and discounts. We will keep you regularly updated with details of current offers and new acceptance points where you can pay without your wallet via the Credit Suisse TWINT app.

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Learn More about the Features of TWINT

Pay quickly and easily in online shops. Send and request money securely and conveniently. It's no problem with Credit Suisse TWINT. Plus, with Credit Suisse TWINT, integrated coupons and stamp cards give you access to special discounts from a wide variety of partners.

  • Sending and requesting money

  • Paying at the cash register and in online shops

  • Parking

  • Store loyalty cards digitally

  • Digital coupons/stamp cards

  • TWINT+ value-added services

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Download Credit Suisse TWINT. Use Mobile Payments.

Credit Suisse TWINT will guide you intuitively through the registration process. It takes just a few steps to perform the one-time setup of Credit Suisse TWINT.

  1. Enter your current mobile phone number.
  2. Enter the activation code sent via text message to the mobile number you provided.
  3. Afterwards, you will be asked to enter a six-digit PIN (your TWINT PIN) and, if desired, activate the Touch ID (fingerprint) feature on your device, if supported.
  4. Now enter your login information for Credit Suisse Online Banking. You are now in Credit Suisse's secure environment.
  5. In this step, you will see the bank accounts that you can store on Credit Suisse TWINT. Select the desired account. That account will be stored for use with all payments and can also send and receive money transfers.
  6. Now choose whether you wish to receive third-party offers and share your location so that Credit Suisse TWINT can notify you of exciting offers and discounts at any time.

After completing this one-​time registration, you will be able to open Credit Suisse TWINT quickly and easily using your chosen TWINT PIN or Touch ID/Face ID.

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Download Credit Suisse TWINT

Your Benefits

  • Send money to friends and family, and request money from them quickly and easily.
  • Pay securely and conveniently – at cash registers, in online shops, at restaurants, in unattended farm shops, in apps, or at vending machines.
  • Only pay for the actual parking time.
  • Benefit from attractive TWINT offers, save loyalty cards, and automatically collect points when you pay.
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New features in your TWINT app

  • Reset your TWINT PIN directly in the app (“Forgotten your TWINT PIN?”)
  • Personalize your P2P payments with a virtual and animated gift wrapping
  • New features in TWINT+

In order to be able to use the new functions, you must update the TWINT app on your smartphone.

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Everything You Need to Know about Credit Suisse TWINT

Key information can be found in the answers to the most frequently asked questions below. We'll also be happy to answer your questions at our free 24h HELP-Line at 0800 800 488*.

  • With which smartphones does Credit Suisse TWINT work?

  • What types of accounts can be used for Credit Suisse TWINT?

  • What fees will I incur for using Credit Suisse TWINT?

  • What limits are there in Credit Suisse TWINT?

  • Can I also use TWINT to make a payment outside Switzerland?

  • What functions does Credit Suisse TWINT have?

  • How do I send money to friends using Credit Suisse TWINT?

  • How do I request money from friends using Credit Suisse TWINT?

  • What are the advantages of using Credit Suisse TWINT to pay in online shops, and what's the payment process?

  • How secure is Credit Suisse TWINT?

  • Where will my data be stored?

* For security reasons and training purposes, telephone calls may be recorded. Standard connection rates apply (Swisscom). Mobile phone and foreign rates as well as the charges of other providers may vary.

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For our business clients – it's even easier to collect payments

Do you operate a market stand, business, or unattended shop? Starting now, your clients can pay autonomously without using cash. It's easy to do using a smartphone and a sticker – the QR code sticker from TWINT.
Your benefits as a business client:

  • Easy setup with practical stickers.
  • Collect payments even at unattended points of sale.
  • No expensive infrastructure (payment terminal) needed.
  • No counting or storing cash.
  • Theft is impossible: Payments are credited directly and securely to your account.
  • QR code stickers available for both fixed and variable amounts.