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Viva Kids Banking Package

This Is the Way Children Save Today

With Digipigi, the digital money box. Due to high demand, the delivery time for the Digipigi can take up to six weeks.

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Switzerland's First Digital Money Box

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With Viva Kids, Digipigi and the related apps your child learns how to handle money in a fun way.

  • Reacts with facial expressions and noises to money deposits and transactions on the Viva Kids account
  • Protects savings with a secure magnetic lock and is only fully functional with the defined home WiFi
  • Also serves as a night light, clock, and alarm clock and deactivates the WiFi when in sleep mode
  • Developed and produced in Switzerland

Discover all functions of Digipigi in our film.

Digipigi Apps

Convenient for Parents, Educational for Kids

Digipigi Parents App Digipigi Kids App
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With the Digipigi apps, you teach your child about money: Your child learns about income and spending; you can manage pocket money easily and keep track of your child's account balance.

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Digipigi Apps

Making Saving Fun

credit card
  • Set Up Saving Goals

    With the Digipigi app, your child can easily set up saving goals, e.g. a bike, and monitor their savings progress – this is motivating and encouraging.

  • Manage Pocket Money

    As a parent, you decide whether you transfer the pocket money online or pay it in cash – a practical and flexible aid for making pocket money payments.

  • Define Chores

    Define rewards for certain chores with your child – allowing your child to earn extra pocket money and gain a sense of the importance of work and pay.

The Banking Package for Kids below 12 years of age

Viva Kids Banking Package

Viva Kids is the free banking package from Credit Suisse guiding children below 12 years of age in their first steps towards financial responsibility – from pocket money to their own Maestro card.

Benefits at a glance:

  • With Viva Kids, you get a Digipigi money box, the Digipigi apps, one Private and one Savings account with account management and a Maestro card (optional from the age of seven)
  • With the Viva Kids savings account, your child earns five percent interest on the first CHF 1000 
  • With the Maestro card (PDF), your child can make cashless payments and withdraw Swiss francs and euros at all ATMs throughout Switzerland free of charge – naturally, only up to the defined limit.
  • The Digipigi and the Maestro card are available in four colors and can be selected and combined individually. 

You can find all the information about Viva Kids on our fact sheet (PDF)

Reaching saving goals

It's Easier to Save if You Know why You're Doing it

Clémence, Amare, Nicole, and Cédric have awesome hobbies and big saving goals. Can these four kids make their dreams come true? Watch our videos to discover how the Digipigi can help with saving.

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Kid with Digipigi

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Due to high demand, the delivery time for the Digipigi can take up to six weeks.

Call us on 0848 880 844*.

The Swiss Pocket Money Study

How Kids Learn to Manage Their Money

How much pocket money do children in Switzerland receive on average? Can they spend it as they like, or are there conditions attached to it? These and many other questions are answered by the Swiss Pocket Money Study.

Go to the study
Image of pocket money study
Boy with Digipigi in the hand

With Viva Kids and the digital Digipigi money box, children learn how to handle money in a fun way on a daily basis. With this in mind, we help parents and their children: from their first pocket money to their own bank card, all the way up to the fulfillment of their personal wishes.

Florence Schnydrig Moser, Head Products & Investment Services

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Viva Kids is the banking package for children below 12 years of age, supporting parents in teaching their kids how to handle money responsibly.

  • One parent must have a private account and an online banking contract with Credit Suisse.
  • The Digipigi is free of charge for Bonviva, Viva, and Basic Banking clients; otherwise, there is a one-time fee of CHF 99 including VAT.
  • Children aged seven and older can receive the Maestro card.  
You can find further information in our fact sheet (PDF)
Digipigi in four different colors

Order Viva Kids

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Due to high demand, the delivery time for the Digipigi can take up to six weeks.

Call us on 0848 880 844*.

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