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  • Dad, Why Don't You Just Pay with Your Card?

    Maestro card, credit card, online banking – paying with virtual money has become more and more common. That doesn't make it easier for children to grasp the concept of money. So, how can they explain the relationship between cash and virtual money?

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Get Digipigi Now

Digipigi is available in four fun colors from all Credit Suisse branches. The digital money box responds with facial expressions and sounds when you deposit money or transactions are made on a related Viva Kids account. There are also Digipigi apps for parents and children.

Digipigi in pink

Win an Unforgettable Football Experience with Viva Kids

To celebrate our 25-year partnership with the Swiss Football Association (SFV), Credit Suisse Viva Kids is offering children between the ages of 6 and 11 unforgettable football experiences at Viva Kids football events.

Swiss national team with children.

Is Cash King?

Back in the day, you could virtually only pay with cash and shop during store opening hours. Cards, cell phones, and online banking now enable 24/7 spending. Should cash even be part of financial education? Daniel Betschart of Pro Juventute answers this question in his column.

A pile of coins that signifies that cash is more tangible for children than digital money.
Reaching saving goals

It's Easier to Save if You Know why You're Doing it

Clémence, Amare, Nicole, and Cédric have awesome hobbies and big saving goals. Can these four kids make their dreams come true? Watch our videos to discover how the Digipigi can help with saving.

Cédric is proud. He has reached his saving goal.
Credit Suisse Pocket Money Study

Learning How to Manage Money Properly

On behalf of Credit Suisse, more than 14,000 Swiss people were surveyed for the 2017 pocket money study – with some exciting results: It was revealed that while parents certainly feel they are responsible for teaching their children how to manage money, priorities and values vary depending on the region, as well as other factors. The study also showed that children are more sensible than many parents think.

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Four children holding Digipigis

Is Money Bad for Your Character?

Research tells us: It is important for children to take on financial responsibilities; one franc in weekly pocket money per school year is enough; and shopping makes us happy – even when we don't buy anything.

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Boy wearing glasses, who looks like an accountant

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