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The sooner you plan for retirement, the easier it will be to enjoy it later and to achieve your own vision.

Personal planning for financial security

"It should stay like this even when I'm 70. That's why I'm already planning now."

More and more people start to reduce their working hours before retirement. Others do the opposite and keep working after retirement age – at least part-time.    


There are various retirement options:

  • Normal retirement
  • Partial retirement
  • Early retirement 
  • Staggered retirement

After retirement, you'll most likely have less money than you did while employed. Capital from your private retirement provision should be used conscientiously and systematically. This is difficult for many people. That's why when you obtain financial planning from Credit Suisse, we will together take a very close look at your personal budget. We are familiar with all the options and will work with you to find the right solution for your transition to retirement.

Optimize your pension

It's a good idea to make voluntary contributions to the 3rd pillar or pension fund. First of all, you'll increase the amount of money available to you in your old age. Second, you'll save a large amount on taxes. The amount you benefit from making contributions depends on many factors, including your investment strategy and the time you stop working.

Use our Pillar 3a wealth accumulation calculator to get a quick overview of what capital you can save in the Private pension – 3rd pillar account. With the Pension Calculator Pillar 3a tax savings you can easily calculate how much you'll save on taxes by paying into a Pillar 3a account:

Choose between pension and lump sum

What is the ideal withdrawal form for your pension fund assets? Is it a monthly pension or a single lump-sum payment? The following video explains in simple terms what you should pay attention to when making this decision, and what the key issues are.

The decision on "pension or lump sum?" simply explained.

You will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the two types.

We will be happy to help.

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