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Estate planning and providing for your family

Estate planning and providing for your family

No one wants to write a will or think about what happens to their estate after they die. We’ll make this important task less grim and advise on taxes and laws. For you and your family’s peace of mind.

Provide for Your Family

No one’s life can be planned from A to Z, and sometimes the unforeseen happens. Take precautions in case you can no longer provide for your family or partner as you would like. We'll help you ensure that your estate's disposition complies with legal requirements and reflects your wishes.

Provide for Your Family

Plan Your Estate

With an inheritance consultation, you can rest easy knowing your estate will be administered the way you want. Contact us to clear up unanswered questions.

Will & inheritance contract

We’ll help you ensure that your estate’s disposition reflects your wishes and complies with all the legal requirements.

 Lifetime gifts

You want to pass on your assets as a gift or advancement before you die. We’ll show you how.

Marriage contract

Marital property regimes can play a significant role for married couples. You and your spouse can define your rights in a marriage contract.

Division of estate

When you die, all your assets and liabilities pass to your heirs by law. Careful estate planning ensures that your estate is distributed according to your wishes.

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Our advice – as distinctive as your needs. We look forward to talking to you. Select a topic and arrange a consultation.

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