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Someone Died – What Now?

Someone Died – What Now?

When a testator dies, a community of heirs is created by law. This difficult period of mourning raises questions about many things, including the deceased's banking relationship.

We'll help you get through all the red tape awaiting you.

Leaflet: Disposal of Estate (PDF)

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What Are the Main Banking Considerations?

Banks have a duty to clearly determine the survivors' right to obtain information and dispose of the deceased's assets. Ask Credit Suisse what forms and procedures you have to follow in this case. A right to obtain information and a right of disposal are different things.

Right to obtain information

Anyone previously authorized to use the bank account retains their right to obtain information. Heirs also have a right to obtain information, provided they verify their status as an heir.

Right of disposal

We need signatures from all the heirs before anyone can dispose of the assets. If an executor has been named, he or she has the sole right of disposal. In Switzerland, inheritance documents (certificate of inheritance, certificate of executorship) are issued by the responsible cantonal authorities. It may make sense for communities of heirs to appoint an heirs' representative to dispose of the estate. We will gladly send you our authorization form for such an appointment.

Identity document

Anyone claiming to have a right to obtain information or to dispose of assets must identify themselves to the bank by presenting a passport or ID card. Authenticated copies must be provided when corresponding by mail. It is simpler for you to personally visit your relationship manager or any Credit Suisse counter near you with a valid personal ID. There is no charge to you.


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Death and Finances


Our Inheritance Services team will help you.

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