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Asset planning for retirement planners

Make the most of your wealth during retirement

Now that retirement is near, you’ll want to optimize how you fund your post work-life plans. We’ll help you plan wisely, save in taxes, and enjoy your golden years in style.

Enjoy Your Wealth

You’ve built up savings in the course of your career. Now you want to pursue a few of your dreams. We’ll show you how to use your wealth to make things happen. That way, you can enjoy the retirement you’ve always wanted. Trust our expertise.

Enjoy Your Wealth

Save on Taxes

Some issues related to retirement have tax implications. The sooner you start your analysis, the easier it will be to use the findings to optimize your tax situation.

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It pays to save for retirement. It can lower your taxes, too. Contributions to a Pillar 3a pension plan are fully tax deductible. Learn about your options and gain the full benefits of this tax break.

Change of residence

Once you retire, you may want to move into a home that’s smaller, closer to your children or near where you grew up. Remember that taxes vary from one canton and country to the next. Ask us for advice.


Even in retirement, some costs and financial obligations have big tax implications. Educate yourself in advance and seize every opportunity to optimize your taxable income. We’ll advise you on all this and more.

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Our advice – as distinctive as your needs. We look forward to talking to you. Select a topic and arrange a consultation.

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