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eBill for bill recipients

eBill allows you to receive your bills where you pay them: directly in online banking. This enables you to process your payments in an efficient, secure, and paperless manner. Pay your electronic bills in just a few clicks, whether you’re at the office, at home, or on the go.

Your benefits at a glance


Invoices can be approved with just a few clicks.


eBill is just as secure as your online banking.


Saving paper saves the environment.

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How eBill works

Watch the video to learn how easily you can save time with eBill and pay your invoices digitally.

How to pay smarter with eBill

eBill for business

Companies can also benefit from the advantages offered by eBill. Register your company for eBill for Business easily and without ERP integration in your online banking. After the initial registration, both your company and a first employee are registered for eBill. You can authorize additional employees as well as view, process, and approve bills at any time and without significant effort.

Do you want to invoice smartly and make your payment transactions considerably easier?

eBill for billers

Additional, smart eBill features

These helpful features make paying with eBill even simpler and more convenient. 

  • eBill sharing: Manage invoices jointly

  • Automatically add a biller

  • Standing approvals

  • Notifications

  • Installment payments

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Not using eBill yet? Simply register in your online banking account under "Payments/eBill," and pay smarter.

SIX eBill Portal

No Credit Suisse account?

For additional information about eBill, contact the Credit Suisse Digital Client Support department at 0844 800 888,* or visit

* Telephone calls may be recorded.