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When conducting banking business, security and user-friendliness have top priority. SecureSign provides a new and convenient security procedure for signing in to your Online Banking. 

Advantages of SecureSign

  • Total security – state-​of-the-art encryption technology makes banking as secure as possible   
  • Offline usability – available anytime, anywhere, even without an internet or phone connection 
  • Multi-​device capability – access the app on up to eight different devices with one user ID
  • Simple – log in quickly and conveniently

Requesting SecureSign

Select the shield symbol and click on "SecureSign"

Request SecureSign
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Setting up SecureSign on one device

  • Once you have received the SecureSign letter, download the free SecureSign app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Call up the Online Banking homepage on your computer (PC or Mac) and enter your user ID and password.       
  • Select the "SecureSign - install device" function and follow the instructions.
  • At the end of the setup process, enter your recovery number to set up additional devices.



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Setting up a new or additional SecureSign device

  • You can manage your SecureSign devices and add a new device in Online Banking by selecting the shield symbol on the upper right.
  • If you have recorded your recovery number, you can also start the process in the Online Banking login under "Add a new SecureSign device."
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