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Prepaid Card

Prepaid Card

Use the Credit Suisse Prepaid Card* just like a traditional credit card to make purchases worldwide and online. You have full cost control over all payments. Spending is limited to the credit balance loaded on your card.


Full cost control


Possible uses of a credit card


Accepted worldwide


Can be loaded as needed

Your Prepaid Card

Prepaid Card


Make cashless payments in over 40 million stores worldwide and online – just like with a credit card.


Budget controlling

The Credit Suisse prepaid card offers you complete control of your budget. Spending is limited to the credit balance loaded on your card.



Load fee: 1% of the amount loaded
Can be loaded at the counter, by phone, or with a funds transfer

** CHF 0/year for Viva Clients

Allow Us to Advise You

Allow Us to Advise You

Would you like more information about our accounts and cards? Then arrange a personal consultation or call our Customer Service Center.

*** For security reasons and training purposes, telephone calls may be recorded. Standard connection rates apply (Swisscom). Mobile phone and foreign rates as well as the charges of other providers may vary. 

Prepaid Card

Load the Card. Shop with Ease

Are you looking for a card that allows you to make purchases securely worldwide and book online with ease?

The prepaid card from Credit Suisse offers you some of the advantages of a traditional credit card. For greater financial freedom, load your prepaid card conveniently at the counter, by phone, or with a funds transfer. You can then view your current card balance directly online.

Prepaid Card

Full Security and Control

Keep an eye on your spending at all times and benefit from maximum security and control, because your spending is limited to the amount of your prepaid credit card balance. And that allows you to enjoy the fun things in life without any worries, such as when shopping online or taking in the town.

Prepaid Card

Make Purchases Securely Worldwide

Make purchases securely worldwide and withdraw cash: The prepaid card is your reliable companion everywhere in the world. It’s also suitable for young people, since they’ll benefit from one of the most convenient and secure means of payment, and learn how to handle money.

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Download Credit Suisse Prepaid Cards App

Thanks to the free Credit Suisse Prepaid Cards app, you can check your spending and cash withdrawals along with the amounts you've loaded and your current card balance anytime, in real time.

3 Steps to Your Prepaid Card

Order your new prepaid card conveniently and easily using our online form or in Online Banking.


Complete the form

Open the online form with "Order now" and select the desired card. Enter your name and address in the corresponding fields. Submit the online form.


Get a call back

If necessary, we’ll contact you, clarify any open questions with you, and discuss the next steps.


Use the card

You’ll receive all the documents in the mail. After you’ve signed the required documents and returned them to us, we’ll send your prepaid card to you.


Open Online Banking

Click on the link “Apply in Online Banking” and log into your Online Banking with your user ID and password.


Order a card

Under “Product offering,” select the category “Accounts and cards” and then “Prepaid card”. Click on "Order now "and fill out the online application.


Use the card

After receipt of the order confirmation, you will receive your prepaid cards in the course of the next few days by mail.

Added Convenience. Find out More Now

Credit Suisse can offer you a variety of credit cards, allowing you to make purchases conveniently and securely worldwide.

Prepaid Card

Credit Suisse Visa® Gold

When traveling, online, or in the store – Credit Suisse Visa Gold is your companion. With numerous extras.

Prepaid Card

Credit Suisse World Mastercard® Gold

With the Credit Suisse World MasterCard® Gold, make purchases conveniently and securely worldwide. And benefit from attractive insurance benefits.

Prepaid card

Our credit cards. Welcome worldwide

With their numerous added benefits and extras, our credit cards are a reliable companion outside of Switzerland as well.

Prepaid card

Viva banking package

Our solution for more financial freedom. Viva Young, the banking package for young people, and Viva Student, the banking package for students.

* Card issued by Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services AG