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Maestro Card

The Credit Suisse Maestro card enables you to make fast, convenient contactless payments worldwide – without using your PIN for amounts up to CHF 80. It’s much easier than cash, since the tedious handling of change is no longer necessary. 

New Debit Mastercard available from
July 7, 2020.

Make contactless payments under CHF 80 without a PIN

Cashless payments and cash withdrawal worldwide

Available for transaction accounts in CHF, EUR, USD, and GBP

Your Maestro Card

Credit Suisse Maestro Card


Accepted at more than 16 million businesses, hotels, and restaurants worldwide. Cash withdrawals in Switzerland and abroad at more than 2 million ATMs. Account information and cash deposits at Credit Suisse ATMs.


Easier than cash. Pay using the contactless function – up to CHF 80 without a PIN. Control spending through direct debiting of your account.


Chip and PIN guarantee maximum security. Default and individually adjustable geo-blocking protects against skimming.

Allow Us to Advise You

Would you like more information about our accounts and cards? Then arrange a personal consultation or call our Customer Service Center.

Allow Us to Advise You

**For security reasons and training purposes, telephone calls may be recorded. Standard connection rates apply (Swisscom). Mobile phone and foreign rates as well as the charges of other providers may vary. 

Make daily life easier

Make Daily Life Easier

At the gourmet food shop, the gas station, or the boutique. Pay with your Maestro card.

It’s accepted at more than 16 million businesses, hotels, and restaurants worldwide. No more bothersome counting out of money. Plus you always have control over your spending, since your account is directly debited. And with the PIN and chip, you’ll enjoy maximum protection.

Pay in just seconds

Pay in Just Seconds

We often need to pay small amounts. A pack of gum at the convenience store or a sandwich from the deli. With your Maestro card, you can make these payments very quickly using the contactless function – no PIN required for amounts up to CHF 80. Verify the amount to be paid, then hold your debit card up to the spot marked on the card reader. The amount is then paid. Higher amounts can also be paid using the contactless function with PIN.

Learn more (PDF)
More convenience with cardless cash

More Convenience. With Cardless Cash

With Cardless Cash, you can make cash withdrawals and deposits without a card. At numerous Credit Suisse and Neue Aargauer Bank ATMs. Use the Credit Suisse Private Banking Switzerland app to generate a QR code, which you can store in your smartphone, print out, or send to someone else. You then can make the withdrawal or deposit at an ATM with a QR code reader.

PDF Cardless Cash

3 Steps to Your Maestro Card

Order your Maestro card for your existing Credit Suisse account using our online form. If you are a new client, please open an account first. 


Complete the form

Please open an account first. Click on “Order now” and select an account or banking package. Enter your contact data and let us know when we can reach you. Submit the online form.


Get a call back

You’ll receive a call from us at the desired time. We’ll resolve all open questions with you by phone and discuss the next steps.


Use the card

After we’ve opened your account, you’ll receive your Maestro card in the mail.


Order a card

Open the online form “Order now” and enter your contact data and your name and address in the corresponding fields. Submit the online form.


Order an additional card

If you would like to order an (additional) card for yourself and/or another person (additional card), please use the form “Application for an Additional Maestro Card"


Use the card

You’ll receive your Maestro card or additional Maestro card in the mail.

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