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Security in Online & Mobile Banking

Security in Online & Mobile Banking

At Credit Suisse, we are committed to maintaining the security of our systems, software and networks to protect your data and wealth. A very important factor to ensure that is your awareness. 

Important security factor:
Your awareness

Credit Suisse gives top priority to security in Online & Mobile
Banking. It is also important for you to be alert. Stay secure by following these points:

  • Never disclose your personal login credentials like user ID, password or the SecureSign letter. Credit Suisse will never ask you to disclose your personal information via email, text message, telephone or upload functionality.
  • Ignore unexpected emails and don’t click on links and attachments. If you receive such an email, please delete it immediately.
  • Start your Online Banking always with and check the website certificate (Lock symbol next to the web address).
  • Use a secure password and avoid using the same password for multiple logins.
  • Always use up-to-date software and install an antivirus application.
  • Don’t install additional applications from unknown websites. On your smartphone you only need the SecureSign and Online Banking app from the official App Store and Play Store.

If you receive suspicious emails, telephone calls or updates contact the Online Banking Help-Line or your Relationship Manager immediately.

Highest security standards with SecureSign

With Online & Mobile Banking from Credit Suisse, you'll benefit from SecureSign – a state-of-the-art, easy-to-use security procedure. When you log in or make an individual payment, you will be shown an image that only you can scan. The SecureSign app is used to scan and decrypt the image.

Important security factor

Additional security measures

Protect your money from online criminals:

How we ensure security for you

Credit Suisse uses state-of-the-art systems to ensure your security during an online banking session. These include:

  • Secure login through our SecureSign solution 
  • Strong encryption of data
  • Automated transaction monitoring and transaction signing, enabling you to explicitly confirm certain payments

To reduce the risk of unauthorized access and unauthorized payments by cyber criminals, specific features of the type and content of your entries are recorded and processed. These data are collected and processed exclusively for this purpose and are not accessible to third parties.

How we ensure security for you