Advice and Products Private Pension – 3rd Pillar

Private Pension – 3rd Pillar

Private pension – 3rd pillar is a supplement to government and employee benefits insurance. It offers you several ways to have a stress-free financial future.

Now is the time to start planning for your retirement. Starting today, you can have peace of mind that your benefits are all set and that you can maintain your usual standard of living even after retirement.

With the new CSA Mixta-BVG products with an equity holding of 75%, you can now benefit from even higher potential returns. Below you can find more information about our Saving with securities – 3rd pillar products.

Pension account – 3rd pillar

Use your Pension account – 3rd pillar1 to secure your standard of comfortable living in your old age. You also benefit from tax benefits and preferential interest rates on the retirement capital paid in.

Or use a Pension securities account – 3rd pillar3 to benefit from attractive long-term return opportunities by investing in securities.

Pension securities account – 3rd pillar

Thanks to our broad selection of actively managed and indexed securities solutions, you can find an appropriate investment group that meets your risk profile and investment time horizon. Apart from a flat fee, there are no other safekeeping fees, issuing, or exit fees. Additionally, using an Investment plan – 3rd pillar your investments can be made on an automatic and regular basis, which saves you time. With a higher risk tolerance, you can invest in securities as well with Pillar 3a. With our CSA Mixta-BVG product range, you have nine investment groups available to choose from.

Saving with securities – 3rd pillar easily explained

Learn here how Saving with securities – 3rd pillar works and how it differs from the Pension account – 3rd pillar.

Actively managed or indexed securities solutions

Actively managed securities solutions:
Specialized portfolio managers take steps to maximize your returns for the long term. Select from five broadly diversified solutions, which differ mainly by their equity component.

Indexed securities solutions:
Here, investments are made in investment funds that very precisely replicate the indices and hence the performance of the respective markets. Select from four cost-effective solutions with different equity components.

Actively managed investment groups

Actively managed securities solutions and their portfolio composition4 

Choose from five different investment groups.

Indexed investment groups

Indexed securities solutions and their portfolio composition4

Choose from four different investment groups.

Potential risks

  • Market risk: The CSA Mixta-BVG investment groups invest in various financial markets and are subject to their price fluctuations.
  • Management risk: Investment decisions within the CSA Mixta-BVG investment groups are made by the portfolio management and cannot be influenced.
  • Foreign exchange risk: Investing in a variety of financial markets can carry currency risks.

Further details and risks can be found in the Third Pillar Product Sheet (PDF).

Tax benefits

Whether you choose a Pension account – 3rd pillar or Pension securities account – 3rd pillar, you will benefit from the same tax advantages:

  • Full deduction of the annual savings deposit from your taxable income up to the legal maximum of CHF 6,768 for gainfully employed persons with a pension fund. For persons in gainful employment without Pillar 2 provision: 20% of net income from gainful employment, up to a maximum of CHF 33,840. Maximum amounts valid for 2018. 
  • You pay no wealth, income, or withholding tax throughout the entire term of the savings plan.
  • On payout, the capital is taxed at a reduced rate separately from the rest of your income.

If you withdraw your pension capital prematurely to buy owner-occupied residential property, this results in a tax obligation – at a reduced rate and separately from your other income.

Opening an account

Even if you already have a Pillar 3 solution with another financial institution, you can still take advantage of our attractive offer. Transfer your retirement assets simply (and generally free of charge) to the Credit Suisse Privilegia Pillar 3 pension foundation:

  1. Open a 3a account with the Credit Suisse Privilegia Pillar 3 pension foundation.
  2. Send the account closing and transfer instructions to your previous financial institution. Use this PDF form.

Withdrawal options

Generally you can start drawing on your Pillar 3 pension capital once you reach AHV retirement age, or a maximum of five years later if you continue to work. If you open two to three pension accounts, you generally have more flexibility in your payout options depending on your canton of residence. The law permits early payout in these cases:

  • At the earliest, five years before reaching the AHV retirement age
  • If you buy residential property for your own use
  • Repaying a mortgage on owner-occupied residential property
  • Becoming self-employed
  • Changing industry while self-employed 
  • When permanently leaving Switzerland (emigration) 
  • Purchasing additional benefits in a pension fund
  • Entitlement to a full disability pension 
  • If you die, the pension capital goes to the beneficiaries.

Pillar 3a maximum amounts

Maximum amounts for 2018:

  • for employed persons with a pension fund: CHF 6,768
  • for employed persons without a pension fund: 20% of net earned income, maximum CHF 33,840

Open a Pension account – 3rd pillar or Pension securities account – 3rd pillar today.

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