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Pension Account – 3rd Pillar

Our Pension account – 3rd pillar puts all the benefits of private pensions at your fingertips. You enjoy interest rates, multiple tax advantages and no account fees.


You’ll receive an interest rate of currently 0.90%


Multiple tax benefits


No account management fees


Safe investment


Pension Account – 3rd Pillar

Pension Account  – 3rd Pillar

Interest rate

Enjoy maximum pension protection with our Pension account – 3rd pillar.

You’ll receive an interest rate of currently 0.90%

Tax advantages

You can deduct the full amount of your savings contributions from your taxable income (up to the statutory contribution limit).

You won’t have to pay any wealth, income or withholding taxes during the entire savings phase.

Self service option

You can easily open your Pillar 3a online with just a few clicks in Online & Mobile Banking.

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Account or Safekeeping Account. Your Benefits

The choice is yours. Choose our Pension account – 3rd pillar for maximum security – or our Pension securities account – 3rd pillar for higher return opportunities.


  • Excellent security
  • Interest rate currently 0.90%
  • No account management fees
  • Multiple tax benefits
Invest Your Money Safely

Invest Your Money Safely

You can rest easy if you supplement your government and occupational pensions with a private retirement plan. Our pension account provides financial security so you can live life without financial worries after you stop working. Put your retirement in our hands. We’ll plan your future together. Invest today in your financial independence tomorrow.