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Financial planning is planning for life. Your advisor will help you create your individual financial plan and draw on the entire range of Credit Suisse's expertise on your behalf. So you are always in a position to make the right decision, no matter what comes your way.

Good reasons why you should discuss your financial plans with us:

  • Comprehensive planning for your life now and in future.
  • All of your life events are part of the flexible plan.
  • Your advisor is available at all times to provide you with the ideal level of support for your plans.

Credit Suisse Financial Planning, Simply Explained

Find out everything you need to know about financial planning by Credit Suisse.

Financial Planning Guide: The Most Important Tips

Our guide provides you with the most important information and tips on financial planning. Stay informed and read specialist articles and interviews on pension planning, inheritance, taxes and retirement.
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Demographic, economic and social developments are posing various challenges to the pension system. Private savings are therefore becoming more important to ensure an adequate standard of living after retirement. The study by Credit Suisse closely examines the savings habits of the Swiss population in Pillar 3a.
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