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Our Advisory Concept

Steps to a Personalized Solution

Carefully handling your assets according to plan is only possible if we look at your general personal circumstances together with you: the facts, the background, and your goals and dreams. Your assets are not all that matter in this process; the values that are close to your heart are important as well. That is why we take the time to become thoroughly acquainted with you and your needs.

The path to your portfolio comprises five steps and is based on our advisory process. 

  1. Needs Analysis: The focus of our professional advice is on your needs and goals, for instance, regarding wealth building. Your personal advisor will systematically assess your personal and financial situation with you.
  2. Financial Concept: Based on the needs analysis, we will create an overview of your personal assets together with you – your financial concept.
  3. Client Profile: As part of a risk analysis, we will discuss with you your personal willingness to take risks, and your financial ability to bear them. The client profile defined through this process serves as the basis for an investment strategy that is tailored to you.
  4. Strategy: We present you with potential financial strategies depending on your investment objectives and your risk profile. Your relationship manager will advise you on your choice and configuration, always taking your individual needs into account. We use this strategy as the foundation for managing your portfolio and for creating your individual (investment) solution.
  5. Implementation: Lastly, we prepare a recommendation for your portfolio. Continuous maintenance of your portfolio and regular review of the selected strategy are key factors in this process. This enables us to ensure that, together, we can respond to market developments and changes in your personal circumstances with goal-oriented action.

Of our clients, 92% are satisfied with Credit Suisse's range of services and advice. These were the findings of a survey on our service quality from 2014.