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Thanks to Credit Suisse TWINT, the time-consuming processes of entering credit card data when you pay in online shops or laboriously counting out coins at the checkout are history. With Credit Suisse TWINT, you can make secure and convenient payments with your smartphone. And transferring money between friends is easy with Credit Suisse TWINT. See for yourself … 

How to use Credit Suisse TWINT

  • Private client of Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd. resident in Switzerland
  • A Credit Suisse transaction account in Swiss francs, such as a private account or a current account for private individuals
  • A valid contract for Credit Suisse Online Banking
  • Login information (user ID and password) for your Credit Suisse Online Banking account
  • To be at least 12 years old
  • A valid mobile phone number from a Swiss provider
  • A smartphone running on either the iOS (iPhone 4S and iOS 9 or newer) or Android (Version 4.4 or newer) operating system
  • The Apple App Store or Google Play Store must be set to one of the following countries: Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom

Credit Suisse TWINT is available in an iOS version (for Apple smartphones) and an Android version (for Android smartphones). You can find the correct version for your phone on the App Store (Apple iOS) or on Google Play (Android). Just press the download button for the appropriate provider to install the app on your smartphone.

Credit Suisse TWINT will guide you intuitively through the registration process. It takes just a few steps to perform the one-time setup of Credit Suisse TWINT.

  1. Enter your current mobile phone number.
  2. Enter the activation code sent via text message to the mobile number you provided.
  3. Afterwards, you will be asked to choose a six-digit PIN (your TWINT PIN) and, if desired, to activate the Touch ID/Fingerprint feature on your device, if supported.
  4. Now enter your login information for Credit Suisse Online Banking. You are now in Credit Suisse's secure environment.
  5. In this step, you will see the bank accounts that you can store on Credit Suisse TWINT. Select the desired account. That account will be stored for use with all payments and can also send and receive money transfers.
  6. Now choose whether you wish to receive third-party offers and share your location so that Credit Suisse TWINT can notify you of exciting offers and discounts at any time.

After completing this one-time registration, you will be able to open Credit Suisse TWINT quickly and easily using your chosen TWINT PIN or Touch ID.

Watch this video, or look under "TWINT Support" to learn more about registering to use Credit Suisse TWINT.

  • Your Benefits with Credit Suisse TWINT
  • Security That Meets Swiss Standards

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