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  • Mommy, What Does Saving Mean?

    Helping kids become financially savvy is a big job for parents: What about pocket money? How can I teach my child to save? And why is it so important to teach kids to manage their money responsibly?

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Get Digipigi Now

Digipigi is now available in four fun colors from any Credit Suisse branch. The digital money box responds with facial expressions and sounds when you deposit money or transactions are made on a related child account. There are also Digipigi apps for parents and children.

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How Saving Goals Help

Saving means having patience – a key requirement for managing money successfully. Most Swiss kids and youths save part of their pocket money voluntarily, but for what? Daniel Betschart from Pro Juventute explains in his column how a specific goal can give kids an incentive to save for the longer term.

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Creative Competition for Children

What Are You Saving up For?

Take part in our big saving goal competition! Tell us what you're saving for: Draw or make your saving goal and take a photo of your masterpiece. Please send us the picture via e-mail and win one of three Apple iPads for the whole family.
The most beautiful works of art will be published in the Viva Kids World.

Apple-iPad Pro 12.9“
Credit Suisse Pocket Money Study

Learning How to Manage Money Properly

On behalf of Credit Suisse, more than 14,000 Swiss people were surveyed for the 2014 pocket money study – with some exciting results. It was revealed that while parents certainly see it as their responsibility to teach their children how to manage money, priorities and values vary depending on the region, as well as other factors. And children are more sensible than many parents would initially think.

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