Incoming Payments eBill invoicing service

eBill invoicing service

You gain several advantages by digitalizing your billing. It's easy and secure for you to send eBills directly to your customers' online and mobile banking system via a network partner. This reduces your workload and makes it much simpler for your customers to pay their bills.

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Digital invoicing for companies

eBill simplifies processes across the board and gives you a highly efficient, secure, and paperless way to process your payment transactions. More than 4,000 billers are already sending their invoices through the eBill infrastructure – and for good reason:

You receive your money on time 

Feedback from numerous companies has shown: Customers are more consistent in paying their eBills than paper and email invoices. 95% of all eBill recipients approve payment before, on, or shortly after the due date – meaning you can plan your liquidity more effectively.

You send invoices efficiently and securely

You forward your invoicing data to your network partners. They forward your claims reliably and securely as eBills directly to your customers' online and mobile banking system. This ensures a higher delivery rate because any changes of address do not lead to bills being returned. And best of all, you stay in complete control of the entire billing process at all times.

You improve client satisfaction

With eBill, your customers receive and review invoices in their online and mobile banking system, and paying them is quicker, secure, and paperless. You enjoy fewer inquiries from customers and avoid any reputational damage from spam and phishing emails.

Invoicing process with eBill

Switch to eBill now and benefit from a discount

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Leave the preparation and dispatch of your invoices to Avaloq Outline AG, our capable and established network partner. As a Credit Suisse client, you will receive preferential terms and conditions of at least 25% compared to the market for both eBill and additional dispatch channels.

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact Avaloq Outline directly at
tel. +41 (0) 58 426 20 49.