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Do you dream of a house in the country, or a condo in the city? Are you planning an expensive or valuable purchase? You can rely on our financing planning.

Stay ahead of the curve in financing planning.

"The foundation of my construction project is sound financing."

Many life events, such as starting a company or reaching the end of a mortgage term, require custom financing. Realizing your dreams, such as building your own home, buying a piece of artwork, or purchasing an investment property, costs money too. Plan financing with your advisor and find the right balance between risk and opportunity.

Financing residential property with retirement savings

If you buy residential property, you can use your funds from employee benefits insurance (2nd pillar), assets from your private pension provision (pillar 3a), or funds from life insurance (pillar 3a) as equity. The following points should be considered here:

  • You can withdraw the assets in advance or pledge them.
  • Advance withdrawals reduce the pension benefits (2nd pillar) or your retirement capital (3rd pillar). 
  • With a pledge, you retain the pension benefits. However, with an advance withdrawal you reduce the mortgage and the interest charges along with it.

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