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Tax Consulting

Many things in life have an impact on tax. The sooner you spot them, the easier it is to include them in your decisions. We’ll show you tax savings, analyze your plans and explain how unusual events affect your tax bill. 

Our Advisory Areas

You’re a private individual, business owner, employee or retiree with questions about your taxes – we will give you sound fiscal advice.

  • Income and wealth tax

  • Land properties

  • Expenditure-based tax

  • Negotiations with tax authorities

  • Inheritance and gift taxes

  • (Penalty-free) voluntary declarations

Your Questions. Our Answers

We can help find answers to your questions in the following areas.


Can I optimize my assets and liabilities from a tax point of view?


What is my pension situation with respect to taxes?

Property deals

What are the different taxes involved in real estate transactions?


What are the tax implications of a change of residence?

Estate options

Are there succession solutions and estate options with better tax impacts?

Our Tax Services

We will analyze your tax situation, identify possible savings and help you take action. Under a tax advice mandate, we will handle the following for you:

Preparing tax returns

Our tax experts will prepare your tax returns, but only if our tax advice directly affects the substance of your tax return.

Reclaiming taxes at source

We will prepare the forms needed to reclaim foreign taxes at source. 

Tax assessments

We will review your tax return filings, the final assessment of your taxable and rate-determining income and assets and your withholding tax. 


Assistance with recourse

As a taxpayer, you have a right to appeal any ruling handed down by a lower court or tax authority if you disagree with it. We will help you receive fair treatment. 

Filing appeals

We will file appeals on your behalf, making sure to comply with all the formalities, including deadlines and proper procedure.

More Consulting Services

Life is challenging enough. Get informed financial advice from our experts and rely on our customized plans.