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Inheritance Consulting

Carefully structuring the disposal of your estate will ensure that your wishes are carried out. If you take the necessary precautions today, you can relax tomorrow knowing that you’ve provided for your loved ones.

Our Advisory Areas

You’ve managed to build up an estate over the decades. But you don’t want to just protect your wealth; you want to pass it on in a particular, carefully planned way.

  • Marital property and succession law

  • Inheritance and gift taxes

  • Child and adult protection laws

  • Division of estate

Purposefully Passing on Assets

Early inheritance planning provides a sound foundation for an amicable distribution of your estate. Decide for yourself who will be the executor of your last will and testament.

PDF Executing a will

Your Questions. Our Answers

We’ll help you with whatever you need. Pick a question that you would like inheritance advice on.


Who brought which assets into the marriage and how can future bequests be worded and protected early on?

Mental incapacity

What arrangements are possible in case of mental incapacity?


How do I include forced heirs in inheritance planning?

Company succession planning

What can I do now to start preparing for my successor to take over my company?


How can I contribute to charity during my lifetime or in my last will and testament?

Our Inheritance Services

During inheritance consulting, we discuss all the topics that matter to you: We’ll show you how to provide clear instructions in your advance directive and will, while complying with all the formalities.

3 Steps to Your Inheritance Consultation

Start the estate planning process with us today. We will help you carry out your wishes.


Select topic

Educate yourself about the issues that matter in inheritance planning. Write down your questions, goals and expectations for the first consultation.


Arrange initial consultation

Go to your branch, call us or use our online form. Tell us which issues you are seeking inheritance or succession advice for.


Start inheritance consultation

Make an appointment with us. Then, in the first meeting, your advisor will sit down with you and plan your inheritance consultation free of charge.

More Consulting Services

Life is challenging enough. Get informed financial advice from our
experts and rely on our customized plans.