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Mortgage Interest Rate Trend

Mortgage Interest Rate Trend

The mortgage interest rate is an important cost factor for any property financing. Keep track of trends in interest rates, make proper use of the available mortgage models and in that way optimize the financing of your property.

Why Interest Rates Are so Important for Your House Purchase

Trends in interest rates have an impact on the costs, opportunities and risks of your property financing. Find out why it’s so important to always keep an eye on trends in interest rates.

  • Costs

  • Risks

  • Opportunities

Today's mortgage interest rates

Current interest terms for mortgage models as of

The interest rates listed are indicative values. They apply to first-class, owner-occupied residential properties and borrowers with impeccable creditworthiness. Interest rates are subject to change. Information subject to change.

Fix mortgage

TermCurrent interest rateTermCurrent interest rate
2 years9 years
3 years10 years
4 years11 years
5 years12 years
6 years13 years
7 years14 years
8 years15 years

Product information

SARON mortgage (billing period 1 month)*

TermCurrent interest rate
1 year
2 year
3 year

*The daily SARON rate will be compounded retroactively over the billing period to calculate the base rate. The effective interest amount due is not known until the end of the billing period.

Product information

SARON rollover mortgage (tranche 1 month)*

TermCurrent interest rate
1 year
2 year

*The daily SARON rate will be compounded over the corresponding observation period to calculate the base rate. The effective interest amount due is already known at the start of the tranche.

Product information

Construction loan

Current interest rate: %, + ¼ % credit commission per quarter

Product information

Adjustable-rate mortgage

Current interest rate (for new transactions): %

Product information

If you have any questions or would like mortgage advice without obligation, please do not hesitate to contact our professional financing experts at 0844 100 114.

Mortgage calculator

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Mortgage Interest Development

  Interest rate Forecasts for
  12.07.2021 3 mth 6 mth 12 mth
SARON mortgage (1 month) 1,05 % 1,05 % 1,05 % 1,05 %
Fix mortgage (3 years)* 1,05 % 1,10 % 1,15 % 1,20 %
Fix mortgage (5 years)* 1,10 % 1,15 % 1,20 % 1,30 %
Fix mortgage (10 years)* 1,33 % 1,45 % 1,50 % 1,60 %
Fix mortgage (15 years)* 1,67 % 1,80 % 1,85 % 1,95 %

The interest rates listed are indicative values and apply to top-quality residential property and borrowers with impeccable creditworthiness.

* Fix mortgages. Fixed term and interest rate for the entire term.


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