Trade Finance Seminars Registration for Trade Finance Seminars 2019

Registration for Trade Finance Seminars 2019

Registration Trade Finance Seminar 2019

Friday, October 25, 2019 (English)


Applications for registration will be processed in the order in which they are received.

You will receive a confirmation two weeks prior to the seminar.

Please find the course program here.

Legal Note

By registering for the event, you consent that, for the purpose of arranging and holding the event, and for any communication with you in connection with the event, your name and registration data and any other relevant data associated with the event (“Personal Data”) may be shared with employees of Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd. and Credit Suisse AG (together “Credit Suisse”) who are involved in the organization and staging of the event and with third-party service providers in Switzerland engaged by Credit Suisse. You also agree that photographs taken or recordings made during the event may be shared with other attendees and used internally within Credit Suisse Group companies. Your Personal Data and attendance data will be retained subsequent to the event in accordance with Credit Suisse policies, and it may be shared within Credit Suisse for efficiency, reporting and analytics purposes in regard to this and future events, in order to constantly improve the quality of our services and your experience. Please note that third parties may interpret participation at this event as an indication of an existing or potential banking relationship with a Credit Suisse Group company. If you register by email, you should be aware that your data will be transmitted over the internet as an open network and could therefore be intercepted and used by others without your consent. You participate in this event at your own risk. Credit Suisse accepts no liability in the event of accidents. Insurance is the exclusive responsibility of the participants.

Credit Suisse Group AG and its affiliates seek to comply with the various anti-corruption laws and regulations applicable to government officials, employees of government entities/agencies and employees of commercial entities which may impose constraints on the amount or type of expenses Credit Suisse Group AG and its affiliates may pay on your behalf. By registering for this event, you confirm that your acceptance of this invitation and the payment by Credit Suisse Group AG and its affiliates of expenses associated with this event, including but not limited to any meals, refreshments, receptions, hotel accommodation and other entertainment, do not violate any law or regulation to which you may be subject or your organization’s policies and you have obtained any necessary approvals. If you or your organization is required to reimburse Credit Suisse Group AG and its affiliates or pay for any of these expenses directly, kindly contact us to make the necessary arrangements.

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