General Information

Lombard loan

With this type of loan, you will enjoy financial flexibility without selling any assets.

Your benefits with a lombard loan:

  • Additional capital for liquidity or investment opportunities
  • Further exploitation of your securities' potential for value growth and earnings
  • The type, amount, timeframe and currency of your loan are designed to meet your personal requirements
  • You can utilize the credit interest to optimize your tax situation

Your needs

  • You want to optimize your current securities safekeeping account with additional capital.
  • You want to have the choice between a flexible or fixed credit amount.
  • You do not want to sell any securities for investment purposes.

What you need to know about lombard loans 


  • A loan granted against a pledge of assets that is easily convertible into liquidity – such as equities, bonds, and certain life insurance policies with a surrender value.
  • The deposited assets can be used as collateral up to a certain percentage of their market value.
  • The loan-to-value ratio depends on the type, currency, quality, volatility, and marketability of the securities.
  • The safekeeping account is reviewed regularly (if the assets held in the safekeeping account lose value, additional assets must be provided as collateral or the credit amount must be adjusted).

Suitable in these cases: 

  • You need liquidity, or you want to take advantage of a liquidity opportunity without having to sell your assets.
  • A lombard loan can be used to supplement your mortgage.

Conditions for a lombard loan

Minimum amount:

CHF 30,000 


fixed or adjustable 

Interest rate:  

as per your individual offer 

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